MyShowcase Independent Stylist 
Louise Lunn


Born: 20th February in Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Inspiration: As a child I would watch my gorgeous Mum apply her make-up, amazed at how lovely she always looked. Then came the glamorous 80s! This is where it all began for me - striking blue eye shadow, shocking pink lipstick, my dressing table was awash with Miss Selfridge make-up! The range of products I use may have moved on a little, but the enthusiasm I have for make-up remains as vibrant as it was when I was a teenager. 

Taking pride in your appearance can really transform how you feel in yourself. Mum, if it wasn't for you I am sure I would not have had such a passion for make- up and I wouldn't be where I am today.

Some of my Favourite Things: Yoga - lots and lots of it ! Walks with my gorgeous family and doggie, Lola, breathing in that fresh air; tending to my vegetable patch and watching my vegetables grow; cooking and creating new dishes.

About Me: I am a freelance Make Up Artist with a huge passion for wonderful make up and luxuriant skincare products. It is an absolute joy to now have the opportunity to recommend a range of award winning brands to my clients. For years I have met with ladies, created beautiful make up looks for them only to have to send them off to a department store with a long list of make products to purchase. It is fantastic that I can now provide a complete service with the help of MyShowcase knowing that my customers are going away with the products already ordered, and soon to be with them. Even after 20 years as a make-up artist I am still astounded as to how make-up can give a woman so much self-esteem and can release that trapped inner confidence. To make women feel wonderful gives me so much pleasure and satisfaction - I really do love my job.

e: enquiries@louiselunn.co.uk

m: 07946 505045