Scented Candle (3 wick) - Real Luxury / 420g


A 3 wick candle scented with lavender, jasmine & Brazilian rosewood.

Expert Note

It's perfect for pampering and me time - we've never heard of anyone who doesn't like this scent! Founder, Nicola Elliot


SCENT TO INSTANTLY DE-STRESS: Neom's travel candle is scented with scented with lavender, jasmine & Brazilian rosewood to instill calm and banish stress.Neom's candles are made using only vegetable wax and pure essential oils rather so they burn without releasing harmful pollutants, toxins or soot. They work as powerful holistic treatments so it is best to burn them for between 2-4 hours at a time. Approximately 50 hours burn time. Always trim wicks to roughly 1cm before lighting to avoid black soot around the glass. All Neom products are 100% natural.

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