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  1. Wellbeing Essential Oil Set

Wellbeing Essential Oil Set

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Supercharge your wellbeing with Neom’s wellbeing essential oil set. Perfect when used with their bestselling Wellbeing Pod, these 4 natural essential oils boost your mood, de-stress, invigorate your energy and help you drift off to a better night’s sleep. Just add a few drops to your diffuser to take your wellbeing to the next level.

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Wellbeing Essential Oil Set
Wellbeing Essential Oil Set

Caring for your own health, happiness and wellbeing is vital. That’s why Neom’s essential oil set contains 4 individual bottles of therapeutic grade essential oil blends to add the healing abilities of aromatherapy to your home. Enjoy 100% natural fragrance to enhance the mood day and night. Use the “Boost Your Energy” blend for a stimulating energy boost when feeling sluggish or use the “Scent to sleep” lavender blend before bed to experience restful relaxation. With hints of added jasmine, the “De-Stress” blend pampers the senses with a soft floral aroma to melt those cares away. Finally, the scent to “Make You Happy” is enhanced with neroli and lemon to provide a cheery scent that inspires a state of happiness. Whatever mood boost you’re in need of, this luxury wellbeing set has you (and your wellbeing) covered.

● Oils to de-stress, energise, promote sleep and happiness
● 100% natural essential oils for home aromatherapy
● Perfectly partnered with Neom’s bestselling Wellbeing Pod

Why We Love Neom

Neom believes wellbeing starts with the little moments.
The brand has created a product range to help you energise and kick-ass at 6am, as well as a range to create a tranquil environment in your family home, and then another range to help you to relax and get the perfect night's sleep. The fragrances are 100% natural with real wellbeing benefits.

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