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  1. Scented Candle (3 wick) - Tranquillity - 420g

Scented Candle (3 wick) - Tranquillity - 420g


  • Gluten free Gluten free
  • Nut free Nut free
  • Pregnancy safe Pregnancy safe

Get ready for your best night’s sleep ever with Neom’s 3-wick Tranquillity Candle. Prepare for the ultimate evening routine with scents of Lavender, Jasmine and Sweet Basil to alleviate stress and worries. Just light this candle an hour or two before bed and enjoy a state of tranquillity and calm, waking up rejuvenated and revitalised.

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Scented Candle (3 wick) - Tranquility
Scented Candle (3 wick) - Tranquillity - 420g


By emitting a soft and sweet fragrance that releases tension, alleviates stress and calms a worried mind, this natural Tranquillity candle invites you to experience the healing properties of nature. Be carried away into a state of tranquillity and wellbeing upon smelling the soothing scent delivered by this 100% natural 3-wick candle. Lavender essential oil vigorously fills the room to soothe from head to toe, while a touch of sweet basil renders an earthy aroma that brings balance. Notes of jasmine linger to greet your senses with the freshness of an aromatic floral bouquet. Sleep well and wake up revitalised. Pair with Neom’s Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist for the ultimate dreamy night’s sleep.

● Sleep better and longer by consciously relaxing before bed
● Soot-free & nontoxic essential oil candle for aromatherapy
● Vegetable wax scented with oils and poured in reusable glass
● Tranquillity home fragrance candle makes a great gift idea
● All natural Neom candles burn for approximately 50 hours
● Always trim the wick to 1cm before burning to avoid black soot around the glass


Why We Love Neom

Neom believes wellbeing starts with the little moments.
The brand has created a product range to help you energise and kick-ass at 6am, as well as a range to create a tranquil environment in your family home, and then another range to help you to relax and get the perfect night's sleep. The fragrances are 100% natural with real wellbeing benefits.

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