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  1. Definer Soft Sponge

Definer Soft Sponge

Barely Cosmetics

Multipurpose sponge for applying fluid, cream or powder primer, foundation, highlighter or blusher.

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Definer Soft Sponge
Definer Soft Sponge
Definer Soft Sponge

To apply base or primer, add product to the back of your hand to warm it slightly, then dab sponge into product and bounce onto face to create an even, airbrushed finish. (Wash sponges regularly to avoid bacteria build up).

Expert Note

Use these sponges to neaten eye and lip makeup details too.


Latex free, non-allergenic

Why We Love Barely Cosmetics

Multi-dimensional sponges that have curves in all the right places and sharp lines to create definition, creating contouring that's on point.

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