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Neom Organics

Boost your wellbeing.

Created with 100% natural fragrances to de-stress, improve sleep, energise and promote happiness.

Scent to De-Stress

Instil calm and banish stress in your home and boost your wellbeing with this relaxing fragrances produced with 24 essential oils including lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood. You’ll slip into a subliminal state of contentment and feel your everyday worries drift away.

Scent To Boost Your Energy

Scents created to energise your home and encourage clear thinking. Uplifting fragrances crafted with 22 essential oils with scents of squeezed Sicilian lemon paired with the succulent sweetness of basil to energise your mood from day to night.

Home Mist - Energy Boosting - 100ml


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Scent To Sleep

Soft sweet fragrances that release tension and alleviates stress, promoting a peaceful slumber. Blended with up to 19 essential oils including lavender to soothe from head to toe. A touch of sweet basil renders an earthy aroma that brings balance whilst notes of jasmine linger to greet your senses with the freshness of an aromatic floral bouquet. The ranges have been formulated to prepare your mind and body for the Perfect Night’s Sleep.

Scent To Make You Happy

Happiness: A blend containing 7 essential oils specifically formulated for the home, including neroli, mimosa and lemon to improve concentration, focus and mental clarity.



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