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✨🌿 Detox 🧘✨

Take some time to...

Step back and recharge your body after the summer sun and prepare for the months ahead.

Detox your Makeup Bag

Nothing says September like a new pencil case, so how about a new makeup bag instead? Out with the old and in with the new. This month we’re introducing Cle, a K-Beauty brand that believes in real women and the natural self. Check out their Moonlight Highlighter Cushions for a little bit of everyday glamour, or their multi-tasking and rather funky Lip Melting Powders.

Detox your Skin

Give your skin some TLC and moisture after a few months of sun exposure. Try double cleansing with a duo of products like an oil then a cream to remove different kinds of dirt. Add in a weekly exfoliate to promote skin cell renewal and brighten and then follow with a mask to soothe and quench your skin. How about adding something new to your routine like a skin roller to help product absorption or a skin lift blade to stimulate and tone?

Skinfoliate - 150ml

Jane Scrivner
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Face Wash - 150ml


Detox your Body

Hydrate, exfoliate and rebuild your body from within with our collection of body detox products. Nourishing creams, repairing oils and smoothing exfoliants to give your body the treat it needs to keep your summer glow going. Add a supplement to your routine for better skin, hair, nails and wellbeing or bathe in calming hydrating bath oils and salts to get a well deserved body boost.

Sleep & Relax

Detox your home and make your own haven of calm to promote relaxation with our range of diffusers and mists or give yourself a break and a better night’s sleep with our fantastic range of sleep products. Introducing Neom’s Bath & Shower Drops and the Ultimate Diffusers.

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