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Brand of the Month: Pure Elixir

Best Skin Supplement Winner 2019 - Good Housekeeping

Pure Elixir founder, Amanda Henson, developed her smart skin supplements from a long-held belief that good nutrition feeds the body, skin and soul. “It was a natural step for me to launch the business as it combines my three passions: nutrition, skin and improving people’s health,” she explains.

How do they work? The supplements contain high grade antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients like vitamin E and C, soy isoflavones, marine collagen and tomato extract – all found in everyday food but encapsulated in high concentration. So, they work from inside to tackle skin ageing and deliver clinically proven results in two months. All you need is one capsule a day take orally or sprinkled into a smoothie or juice!

Amanda has created the link between skincare and nutrition, these supplements are the key to healthy skin, like a serum in a capsule.


31st State

Kind-to-skin and dedicated to teens - this California-cool range makes young skincare easy!

31st State founder, Stephanie Capuano, as a mother, recognised the need for natural skin, hair and body care ranges for young guys. She has created effective products with smart formulas but, crucially, without any ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin. The result? Hardworking, kick-ass products that target blemish-prone teenage skin. Not only that, the product range is fully vegan and cruelty-free, whilst smelling great.


Albus & Flora

A capsule line of high performance botanical lip care inspired by the founder's sense of adventure and affinity with outdoor life.

Albus & Flora lip balms are comprised of a botanical formula. These balms are anti-oxidant, vitamin and omega-rich with broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) protection SPF30. A product that works hard to protect your lips from the elements with a long-lasting emollient layer. The must-have lippie for a trip to the mountains or if you're seeking some winter sun.

Albus and Flora is founded by Rachel Williams. Her supportive role in helping Britain’s athletes prepare for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and degrees in physiology, gave her the knowledge to develop a range of protective lip balms which would perform in the most extreme and challenging environments.



A pioneering bodycare line developed to treat dry skin and the bumpy skin condition, keratosis pilaris.

Ameliorate is a perfect example of how a beauty brand can grow out of personal experience. Founder, Annette Luck, has suffered from Keratosis Pilaris (KP) – a common, harmless condition in which skin becomes rough and bumpy as if covered in goosebumps. For much of her life, and having spent years seeking a solution for ‘chicken skin’ – she made it herself.

Annette worked with a renowned chemist to perfect a unique formula of moisturisers and skin-smoothing lactic acid for two years before she brought her ground-breaking body lotion to market.


Antonia Burrell

The epitome of eco-luxury, these skin treatments rely on the power of plants.

Pioneering and responsibly sourced skincare developed by top London facialist, Antonia Burrell. The ethical and sustainable product line is uniquely results-driven and comprised of quality natural antioxidant ingredients. Created with advanced proprietary blends of the world's most potent natural actives.


Ashley & Co

Chic and stylish Ashley & Co is a contemporary scent company formulated and produced in Auckland, New Zealand.

The elegant and sophisticated range of scents are inspired by the founder’s colourful childhood growing up in Hong Kong. Through her love of experimenting with fragrances, Jackie Ashley has invoked memories of her childhood and created unique and stunning fragrances using natural and vegan ingredients.


Bagsy Beauty

“I have such a love of beauty and was so excited to work with the bagsy team on this capsule collection. I really wanted to deliver an edit that helps people to look and feel great every single day, whatever their style and mood” - Savannah Miller

British born Bagsy's range is comprised of clever handbag-friendly makeup that fuses beautiful design with easy-to-wear colours. The cruelty-free capsule collection features everyday beauty essentials, time saving innovations (hello Wonder Wand!) and perfectly crafted packaging for on-the-go application. Bagsy's collaboration with fashion designer Savannah Miller offers beauty must-haves in one easy look with sleek, sophisticated packaging that takes you from dawn to dusk.


Barely Cosmetics

Multi-dimensional sponges that have curves in all the right places and sharp lines to create definition, creating contouring that's on point.


Bean Body

Organic coffee scrubs that actually work.

Containing absolutely no-nasties, these vegan scrubs get to work on your skin's imperfections, whilst the all-natural goodness leaves skin feeling nourished. These organic body scrubs are made with premium fair-trade coffee beans, meaning you get the real deal, freshly sealed and good enough to eat (not literally). Each scrub is naturally scented and will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. The not so secret ingredient? Caffeine. Found in coffee beans, it stimulates blood flow to reduce the appearance of cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, age spots, varicose veins and psoriasis. Time to scrub up!


Cle Cosmetics

K-beauty brand CLE Cosmetics, is designed for real women by a passionate team of artists and designers dedicated to the belief that true beauty lies in embracing your natural self.

CLE’s cosmetic range is curated and focused on the latest emerging Korean Beauty technologies and are all formulated with non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.

This minimalist lifestyle brand has been created to support the contemporary woman with her self-care - bringing high-quality cosmetics designed with you in mind.


Dr Lipp

Dr Lipp founder, Pontine, believes skincare doesn’t need to be complex to be hard-working, so their award-winning balm contains just one ingredient, medical-grade lanolin. Even their moisturising tints simply contain just four 100% natural ingredients. There are no hidden nasties to be found here. Dr Lipp’s range is cruelty-free and contains no additives, and they’re on a mission to make you feel your best. A bit like a doctor you might say.



D'Alba is at the forefront of Korean beauty innovation, creating products to nourish the skin, getting you all prepped for the no makeup look. Free of synthetic preservatives, artificial colouring and fragrances, d'Alba is kind to the skin with its clearing and hydrating properties. The brand uses unique ingredients, including white truffle from Italy, to create a synergy between European and Korean approaches to improving skin health.


Elizabeth's Daughter

My idea was to create a skincare line that could be passed from generation to generation” - Elizabeth Hallett, founder.

"I've suffered from bad skin since my teens and – inspired by my teenage daughter who was just becoming interested in skincare – I set out to create a range that met the demands of young skin, so one with products that are gentle and natural. I think, for basic skincare, less is definitely more.”

The range was created with industry experts specialising in botanical extracts and natural products. Every Elizabeth’s Daughter product has its own story to tell, with each natural ingredient selected for its unique nourishing and wellbeing benefits. Sometimes the best things in life come naturally.


Evolve Beauty

Organic products that harnesses the power of natural ingredients and delivers visible results.

Proud producers of organic and natural beauty, Evolve carefully handcraft every jar and bottle from their artisan Hertfordshire studio. Founder, Laura Rudoe, has created products using organic oils, butters and natural superfoods, sourced from around the world to create targeted skincare, haircare and bodycare that really works. The vegan range is cruelty-free and is made in small batches to ensure the highest level of freshness. The minimalist eco-friendly packaging and high efficacy of the products makes Evolve a great addition to your bathroom shelves. Become a part of the green beauty revolution.


Gentlemen's Tonic

Gentlemen’s Tonic is an award-winning luxury spa, grooming and hair brand founded in Mayfair, London. Gentlemen’s Tonic delivers exceptional results, with men’s skin in mind, to an international and discerning client base. Gentlemen’s Tonic products help to renew, replenish and promote wellbeing, using paraben-free formulas that are comprised of high quality, worldly ingredients. Their products can be found in many of the world's leading five-star and boutique hotels as well as spas and prestigious apothecaries globally.



K-beauty brand, Glamfox, has created pH-sensitive lipsticks that protect and moisturise, whilst enhancing the wearer’s natural lip colour. When applied, the colour will not differ between the lipsticks, so go ahead and choose your favourite flower (yes, that is a REAL flower inside). Glamfox is superior to your typical jelly lipstick as it is free from parabens, whilst being comprised of floral ingredients and 24k gold flecks. This lippie is a makeup bag must-have.


Glo & Ray

Glo & Ray is a British brand which finds inspiration from the natural aura of light. ‘Glo’ is a soft brightness and ‘Ray’ is a defined beam of light. Glo & Ray cosmetics are designed to complement your individuality, creating a synergy between the radiant sophistication of light with your own unique look. Their line of contemporary cosmetics use light-reflective pigments to illuminate and volumise. Their products contain natural mineral particles and have a silky texture, so they apply smoothly, last well and maximise features, complexion and contours with their reflective qualities.


Grown Alchemist

We fell in love with Grown Alchemist the moment we first saw this gorgeous, premium brand and innovative product range and were blown away the first time we tried its ground breaking skincare and body care range.

This Aussie brand uses scientifically-innovative formulas that influence the way the body repairs and regenerates skin and their continuous use of natural active ingredients directly improves skin cell health and optimises skin function. Using their trademark skincare system to Cleanse, Detox and Activate, Grown Alchemist is in relentless pursuit of perfect formulas that transform the skin from outside and in.

But don’t just take our word for it; Grown Alchemist has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Italian Vogue, fashion designer Alexander Wang’s models walked the runway in their tailored Grown Alchemist Regime at both Paris and New York Fashion Week and Gwyneth Paltrow is one of their celeb supporters.

We have no doubt that Grown Alchemist will become an essential in your beauty routine (it's a permanent feature in ours!).



British born Heath is a range of expert, fuss-free skincare for urban men. Founded by a father and son duo, Heath was created with you in mind.

It brings finely crafted, effective, high-quality skincare solutions designed to deliver a refreshing and rejuvenating routine, whilst protecting your skin from external pollution and urban stresses.

Inspired by natural, fresh open spaces, Heath is formulated with high potency natural ingredients to create a range that’s ideally suited to the daily skin concerns of the modern, urban man.


Hollywood Browzer

Say hello to the Hollywood Browzer and goodbye to tweezers, wax strips, razors, epilators and depilatory. The Hollywood Browzer is the ideal pain-free beauty tool to shape your eyebrows and remove unwanted hair on the face and body. The tool removes both coarse as well as fine hair, and the stainless steel-coated blade has safety guards on both sides, designed not to cut or irritate the skin. Kind yet effective hair removal.


Jane Scrivner

Jane Scrivner’s mission is to get you flawless skin, naturally and organically. The brand insists on the integrity of core oils, choosing the highest recommended percentages for each active, buying these in small batches from known producers.

Jane personally formulates, tests and finally after many, many versions, approves.

And that’s why Jane Scrivner is results driven, multi-award winning skincare.



A pioneering pro-age whole body supplement.

Cambridge research scientist, Dr. Sara Palmer Hussey, decided to develop her pioneering supplements in response to her mission to retain energy and radiance, so we can enjoy blossoming and thriving as we mature. Looking at the way stress, nutrition and lack of sleep impact on the way we function, Sara identified key nutrients that support the body's repair processes. She blended these into oral formulas that nourish skin, hair and nails - revitalising every cell - morning and night. After months of testing Sara launched Lumity as the first supplement to address all the maturing processes within our bodies, and in doing so, to improve our daily life. Lumity, she says, is "more than beautiful skin, it's a new inner glow."



Madara believes that the greatest skincare is the type of care that goes deeper than the skin. Not just to make us feel more confident in how we look, but to make us feel and behave better in everyday life. It is appreciation for our wellbeing, the decisions that we make, the values we uphold, and the care for the environmental footprint in which we impact.

Madara rely on high quality ingredients from around the world, authentic claims, eco-friendly packaging, appreciation and respect. Because a radiant heart is synonymous with radiant skin. Madara products are formulated from pure essences derived from northern herbs, arctic berries and unique seed oils, all loaded with goodness; including antioxidants and omegas. Nature gives us all we need, inside and out.



Innovative Korean beauty, tailor-made for western skin.

Designed in London and made in Korea, Maskorea founder, Jenny Bae, is on a mission to re-define skincare in the UK with her unique 3-step system, cruelty-free masks.

Korean-born Jenny, an international violist, spent her professional life touring the world, and she relied on quality, travel-friendly skincare to feel confident on stage. She realised the potential of Korea's hugely popular and innovative sheet masks. After working with one of Korea’s top manufacturers, the brand now offers targeted skin solutions and a results-driven routine.

Inspired by the renowned 10-step Korean skincare routine, Maskorea have condensed this into 3 easy steps; including a cleanser, sheet mask and night cream. Because let’s be honest… who has the time for 10 steps these days?



Award winning devices from Magnitone London that work in tandem with your body's natural processes. Beautifully condition your skin at the touch of a button.



MEMI creates luxury cruelty-free, vegan and trend-led makeup products that stand out in your makeup bag. The range is comprised of the highest quality must-have pieces that are timeless, fun and beautifully packaged; yet most importantly, affordable. MEMI is a luxury brand without the luxury price tag.



Skincare formulated for sensitive and allergic skin by someone who understands.

Rachael (Roo) has worked in the skincare industry for nearly nine years, having left her corporate life behind. Two years ago, after developing a nut allergy, she launched Myroo as a plant-based, natural and vegan skincare brand focused on sensitive and allergic skin.

“I have multiple allergies and I suffer with sensitive skin and eczema. It was so frustrating trying to find products that didn’t cause a reaction. My research showed I wasn’t the only one feeling like this. I wanted Myroo to offer products that are luxurious to use and in gorgeous packaging, but suitable for people like me,” says Rachel.

Myroo's range is cruelty-free and uses no known synthetic irritants and is free from fragrance, gluten, nut and dairy. Cleaner than clean and perfect for sensitive skin.



Luxury, cruelty-free & vegan makeup brushes approved by Bianca Jagger.

Like all makeup experts, brand founders, Damian and Paula, know that the key to great makeup is even better makeup brushes. Paula originally looked to create Nanshy as many other makeup brushes irritated her skin.

"Makeup artists use the best tools they can lay their hands on, and we feel that these should be available to everyone" says Paula.

Nanshy brushes are designed with great care and time; they only contain synthetic bristles, are assembled by hand and go through an extensive testing process to ensure they perform brilliantly.



Neom believes wellbeing starts with the little moments.

The brand has created a product range to help you energise and kick-ass at 6am, as well as a range to create a tranquil environment in your family home, and then another range to help you to relax and get the perfect night's sleep. The fragrances are 100% natural with real wellbeing benefits.



New CID cosmetics originated from a leading beauty salon. The cosmetic formulations are based on the needs and wants learnt of the thousands of clients that visited the salon. Many individuals feel overwhelmed when looking for make-up that’s right for them, due to there being so many fashion-led colours and complex application guides, so New CID decided to simplify this process. The brand has created cruelty-free products, that are makeup-artist quality yet accessible for everyone.


Science of Skin

"Solid scientific research and harnessing the very best that nature can offer"

Founded by an award winnng cosmetic surgeon and a skin biologist, Science of Skin has grown from its breakthrough Solution for Scars product to a whole range of skin health products. Effective results for scars and stretch marks, which really work. SOS are committed to researching and formulating products using natural ingredients to advance skin health.


Studio 10

This innovative pro-age range of quick fixes that targets fine lines and wrinkles.

Founder Grace Fodor has forumulated the products using the finest skincare ingredients aimed at mature skin. Studio 10 offers products that deliver the biggest punch for the least amount of effort. A shortcut to flawless beauty - it's a game-changer.


Swiss Clinic

Swiss Clinic is all about getting the results of professional beauty treatments, in the comfort of your own home, when it suits you.

By enabling people to safely perform result-based beauty treatments on themselves, the brand provides solutions for everyone to make a real difference to their appearance.


Vita Liberata

"It was really important to me to create a SPF (sun protection factor) collection that truly cares for the skin while protecting it" - Alyson Hogg

Non toxic, skin conditioning sunscreens with radiating benefits and a fantastic range of odour free self tan. Natural and certified organic approved extracts are the core ingredients in Vita Liberata formulas, being the first tanning brand to be completely free from parabens, perfume, alcohol and all harmful chemicals. Get your bronze on with this ultra-nourishing, advanced organic range that offers lasting hydration.



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