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Bath & Body

Bath Oils, Salts & Foams

Your skin will feel soft and healthy with our luxurious bath oils, salts & foams. Our curated selection offers balancing blends with aromatherapy, wellbeing, and re-energising benefits.

Bath & Shower Wash

Look after your body with a luxury moisturising wash made from exotic oils or an aromatic scent, to fully pamper & reinvigorate your skin. Exfoliate your body first to prep and condition the skin.

Body Scrubs

From body polishers with a scent that evoke a tropical island to rich blends of salt crystals in skin-softeners, discover the best body buffers to remove dead skin cells & promote circulation.

Lotions & Creams

Moisturising lotions, butters and creams to soften skin and improve suppleness. Choose richer formulas for dry skin & problem areas, or lighter milks & creams for daily use.


Body Oils

Our selection of nourishing body oils are hard-working heroes that aim to revitalise and fortify skin. If you seek to detox, tone or improve skin's elasticity - take your pick, we have it all.

Body Treatments

Targeted formulas for sensitive skin problems such as keratosis pilaris, scars and dermatitis; as well as complex lotions to ease inflammation and traumatised skin. We also have body oils that firm & smooth skin during pregnancy or just everyday life.


Natural alternatives to deodorant that really work. Shop bio-active roll-on deodorants made from soothing plant extracts, or a shea butter cream deodorant for soothing cotton freshness.


Cleanse and infuse your skin with water and essential oils, with our curated selection of body soaps; comprised of natural ingredients such as juniper, charcoal, jojoba oil and northern cloudberry.

Sun & Self Tan

Keep your skin looking fresh and healthy by protecting it from the sun. Our SPF products include moisturisers, sun creams & lip balms. We also offer a self-tanning range to give your skin a healthy glow.

Tan Mitt

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