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Hello.We're Showcase

We want to let you in on a secret. We’ve got the inside track on the best independent beauty brands around. Since 2012, we've tasked top industry experts to sift through 1000s of brands to find the true beauty gems (a tough job, we know, but someone has to do it!).

We're cuttingthrough beauty BS.

The beauty world can be a crowded place; where you’re not sure what you’re buying, what's best or even what's inside. We’re disrupting the entire industry, cutting though the BS that surrounds it and bringing back the joy of finding the best, most effective, most ass-kicking products out there.

Join the beauty revolution.Everyone is welcome.

We care about curation; from the expert skincare we select, to the makeup that catches our eye, right through to beautiful bodycare and unforgettable fragrances. whatever floats your boat, we’ve tried it, tested it and love it. Beauty is personal, so join us in the revolution. Everyone is welcome.

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