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Starflower Oil Supplements - 120ml

Jane Scrivner

  • Gluten free Gluten free
  • Nut free Nut free
  • Organic Organic
  • Plant based Plant based
  • Pregnancy safe Pregnancy safe
  • Vegan Vegan

Starflower oil supplements to provide beauty support through menopause.


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Starflower Oil Supplements
Starflower Oil Supplements - 120ml

The hormonal imbalance experienced during menopause can cause damage to skin, hair and nails but not when you're body is properly nourished with these skin supplements. An organic substance rich in anti-oxidants, omega 3 and omega 6, starflower oil has shown to support collagen production, repair cellular damage, reinvigorate tired skin and combat hormonal hair loss. A natural anti-inflammatory, starflower (or borage oil) reduces swelling and puffiness to give the complexion a more youthful tone without compromising suppleness. It also goes further than surface deep to help alleviate mood swings, treat PMS symptoms, reduce the frequency and intensity of hot flashes, and promote a general feeling of well-being.

● Daily supplements for menopausal women
● Organic raw virgin single estate starflower
● Vegan, Nut Free, Gluten Free, Pregnancy Safe
● Take 2 a day – one in the morning and one at night
● 120 Caps.

Expert Note

Supplements aren't sexy, but neither is breast pain, mood swings or a tired complexion. Starflower is perfect for those going through all stages of menopause or simply suffering monthly symptoms that they would rather be done with - Caroline Hirons


Organic raw virgin single estate borage (starflower) oil.

Why We Love Jane Scrivner

Jane Scrivner's mission is to get you flawless skin, naturally and organically. The brand insists on the integrity of core oils, choosing the highest recommended percentages for each active, buying these in small batches from known producers.
Jane personally formulates, tests and finally after many, many versions, approves.
And that's why Jane Scrivner is results driven, multi-award winning skincare.

Jane Scrivner


Discover results driven, organic skincare for glowing, flawless skin. We dare you not to fall in love with Jane.

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