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Your makeup brushes; ready, set, clean...

Your makeup brushes; ready, set, clean...

We hear you; it's a chore and nobody's favourite thing but as every makeup artist and dermatologist will tell you, it's so important to clean your makeup brushes regularly. Let's be honest, leaving them packed with 6 plus months of built up blush will create a dirty disaster for your face - and nobody wants that, right?! 

The continuous build-up of beauty product turns to a breeding ground for bacteria, germs, oils, dead skin cells and more. Every time you use those brushes, not only are you applying your foundation, but also an array of dirt and debris (yuk). Results: breakouts and infections.

So, we’ve put together the perfect (and easiest) techniques to keep your brushes - and your beautiful face - in pristine condition.

Ready, set, go:

1. Buy a cleanser made specifically for washing brushes. The best ones to go for are made by professional makeup or beauty experts. How about Nanshy's Brush & Sponge Soap CleanerShowcase Beauty backs not just clean brushes, but clean products too. Made with vitamin E, coconut milk and an alcohol-free formula, it will gently clean synthetic or natural bristles. 

Looking for a different option? You can also use white uncounted soap, baby shampoo, olive and almond oil. Olive and almond oils are best used for brushes which are really embedded with makeup because they are good at breaking down dried makeup.

2. After choosing your fave cleaner, it's time to pick up a sponge! Saturate it in warm water, wet the brush too and squeeze a drop of detergent onto the sponge. Swirl your brush on the sponge to work up a lather, then rinse till the bristles no longer feel slippery.

Top Tip: don’t use too much oil, you don’t want your brush to become soaked with it. You just want to use enough to help breakdown the makeup on the brush. Make sure your water doesn’t hit past the bristles as this can lead to eventual rusting of the metal on your brush, which results in bristles falling out. Not ideal.

3. After washing brushes with soap or liquid detergent, squeeze excess water out of the bristles and leave brushes lying flat on a towel to dry.

Your investment in good brushes will be worth it when you wash them. If you keep them clean, the longer they will last (as will glowing skin). 



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