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The science of great skin: Gallinée

The science of great skin: Gallinée

A Q&A with Gallinée, the London-based, French brand taking the beauty world by storm. 

What does it really take to get sensational skin? Gallons of water, a balanced diet and genes? We've heard it all before. The good news is that there's a new solution and it's just a click away. Gallinée's capsule range is smart, affordable and an absolute lifesaver for sensitive skin types that can't tolerate fragrance or essential oils - and all their products are vegan too.


Q: Your triple biotic complex is pretty unique. The core of Gallinée products revolves around a patented combination of probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics. But what does it mean?

A (below):

PROBIOTIC is a microorganism that is beneficial to us. You can also call it “good bacteria.” These good bacteria can be the same as good bacteria already present on our body. Their main interest is to support your skin flora, and to help rebuild the skin's natural barrier. That means that it’s great for sensitive skin and problem skin.

PREBIOTIC is a natural nutrient that helps the growth of probiotics. In other words, prebiotics are food for good bacteria. Our products have a lot of them, with the aim to feed the good bacteria that already lives on your skin, your own bacterial ecosystem.

POSTBIOTICS are molecules produced by good bacteria. These substances maintain a good environment for bacteria. In our products, we use lactic acid, which helps create the perfect environment for your skin microbiome. It has a nice softening effect on the skin too and helps keep skin to the right acidity.


Q: Probiotics have increased in popularity within health & beauty in recent years. Why the trend?

A: Recently we've discovered a lot about our bacterial ecosystem and how it protects and defends us. We're also realising how our lifestyle can be damaging for our bacteria, with allergies, inflammation and a lot of diseases linked to our overclean habits. On the skin typically it leads to acne, eczema, sensitive skin and premature ageing. So it makes a lot of sense to supplement this loss of good bacteria with probiotics and prebiotics, both as supplements and on the skin. If you've got flaky, dry or irritated skin, start by nourishing your body with the Hand Cream and Hydrating Face Cream. Ready for the next step? For a visibly smoother, clearer and more radiant complexion use the 2-in-1 exfoliating and purifying Face Mask and Scrub.


Q: What is the microbiome and how does Gallinée help care for it?

A: The microbiome is the set of bacteria that live every day in symbiosis with us, in and on our body. We should see it as an extension of ourselves; it plays a protective role and is an integral part of the barrier function of our skin. We have recently heard it called “your personal Amazonian rainforest,” that is as close as it gets to the truth. Your microbiome helps you absorb food, trains your immune system, regulates your mood…and it seems like every day we are discovering new roles that it plays. This microbiome needs to be both caring and protecting. When damaged it can lead to inflammation, allergies or premature ageing. You can protect your skin's microbiome by using only gentle surfactants, and never over do it when cleansing. Take care of your microbiome by using products with a pH adapted to your skin, and formulas containing prebiotics and lactic acid to feed your bacterial ecosystem (we know, what a coincidence...). That’s the whole idea behind Gallinée: to support your skin and its bacterial ecosystem, and give you back the skin you’re supposed to have.


Q: The Hero?

A: Our Foaming Facial Cleanser is really a little shining star. Usually foaming cleansers can be quite drying on the skin, but this one is pH5, with no soap and no SLS. It's even suitable for sensitive skin. The prebiotics and the lactic acid have both a purifying action, but also are great for radiance. So it gives you a clean fresh face without drying. People love the texture, it feels a bit like chantilly, and our signature grapefruit and mandarin fragrance is really nice and crisp in the morning. I have very dry and sensitive skin, so I also use it as a body wash.


Q: The Unsung Hero?

A: The one product that keeps building a cult following is the Body Milk. It's highly concentrated in actives such as: probiotics, prebiotics and lactic acid of course, but also almond oil and circulation actives such as bogbean and chestnut. The first thing that people notice is how quickly it's absorbed into the skin, and how light it is. It provides an intense moisture hit, with an increase of 103% in hydration levels after one hour. It's also incredibly smoothing, we continuously have amazing feedback from customers - who then start stocking up!


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