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The Lumity effect: Helena Christensen

The Lumity effect: Helena Christensen

Lumity's glow-getting supplements have been on the scene for only a short-time. Yet these magic bottles have already been spotted in the dressing rooms of the A-listers and the kits of makeup artists. It's the insider's secret to getting that enviable inner glow, increased energy levels, balanced hormones and not forgetting...healthier hair and nails. We delve into the world of Lumity and discover why supermodel Helena Christensen can't live without the super-supplement that's taking the beauty world by storm…

Helena Christensen was shopping at Harrods department store in London earlier this year, when Lumity’s radiating supplements caught her attention. She had heard about them working wonders for skin, hair and overall wellbeing, whilst having dinner with her friends, but hadn’t yet tried the capsules for herself. The 50-year-old supermodel had been taking a cocktail of vitamins. Her bathroom cabinet at home in Manhattan was overflowing with tubs packed with zinc, turmeric, omega 3 oils as well as vitamin D, which she took in a bid to cope with the demands of juggling being a busy working mother with a jet-set lifestyle.

After some diligent research into the clever day and night capsules, founded by Cambridge University-educated Dr. Sara Palmer Hussey PhD, Christensen decided to stop taking her concoction of supplements and stick with just one regime – Lumity. She was so impressed by the results that she bought them for her mother, father and 100-year-old grandmother, Ketty, who now all take Lumity every day and night. Before Christensen agreed to become the brand’s first ever global ambassador, she said:

"Due to my travel schedule and cross-continental lifestyle, getting plenty of sleep and making healthy choices can be a challenge. With Lumity, it’s easier to sustain a healthy lifestyle wherever I am.”

"I’ve been a long-time believer that the concept of outer beauty reflects inner health. Lumity has been an easy, natural way for me to nourish as well as restore my skin and energy from the inside out,” the former Victoria Secret model adds.



Lumity is an all-natural, rejuvenating supplement which comes in an easy to swallow soft-gel formula that has no nasty additives or binders, just pure goodness. Containing a mix of amino acids, omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to protect and revitalise the body, Lumity works in tandem with the body’s natural biorhythmic cycles to nourish and protect both inside and out. It’s a fact that these days we simply can’t get all we need from diet alone. If you’re feeling continually tired, stressed, sluggish, then Lumity is the supplement for you.

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