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Spring Clean

Spring Clean

For many of us, Spring time and organisation go hand-in-hand. Winter has passed and it’s time to pack away heavy jumpers and coats. But don't forget about refreshing your beauty products too!

From cleaning your brushes, (discover our Makeup Brush Cleaning How-to blog post here), buying new ones or refreshing your beauty cabinet, Showcase Beauty has you covered! Spring Skincare is all about helping you achieve the glowing, flawless skin you deserve.

1. Let's Talk Brushes

Sometimes, no matter how much you wash them, it’s just time to say goodbye to your ol' faithful brushes and replace them. If now’s the time, our New CID brushes are perfect. Currently on offer, you can do the perfect spring clean, replacing your old brush set and getting all 7 brushes for just £55 (saving 70%). There’s a brush for every need from contouring to applying concealer. Shop the special offer here that'll save you a total of £123.



2. Refresh That Makeup Bag

In time, our makeup bags fill with dirt and accidental product spillages (sigh...). We've all been there before, you reach for your favourite eyeliner and discover your hands covered in product. 

Old, dirty bags can cause breakouts from bacteria. Instead of throwing it in the wash and being left with a stained inside - treat yourself to this gorgeous Bagsy Flamingo Cosmetic Bag. Bagsy create the perfect handbag heroes and now you have a makeup bag to match too. 


3. Cleansers, Double Cleansing and Flawless Skin

The number one tip for flawless, glowing skin? Cleanse, cleanse and cleanse again. Glowing skin doesn’t come from necessarily having the best makeup, cleanest brushes or beauty bag, but from cleansing your way to that beautiful complexion.

The essential to your skincare routine, cleansing will remove daily pollutants, dirt and unwanted bacteria. We carry an amazing curation of cleansers. Right now, you can get 50% off our Elizabeth’s Daughter Facial Gel Cleanser - a gluten-free, plant-based and suitable for all skin types cleanser - when you also buy their Daily Moisturiser.


4. SPF: Protect Your Skin for Best Results

Let's also not overlook the importance of how an SPF can supercharge your regime. Having SPF in your routine is important always, but especially when the temperatures are rising and the sun is becoming more intense.

Elizabeth’s Daughter’s Daily Moisturiser contains SPF 15, which is a great way to hydrate the skin while also protecting it from the sun’s rays. Discover Vita Liberata which creates a range of must-have SPF products.

We can't get enough of their SPF 25 Neroli and Argan Milk. It’s a broad spectrum sunscreen that’s lightweight and contains skin-preserving antioxidants. As well, it’s water resistant lasting for up to 8 hours. 

Wake up flawless with gorgeous skin and a glowing complexion. Your skin deserves it...



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