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Q&A with Founder of S5: Laura Rudoe

Q&A with Founder of S5: Laura Rudoe

Laura Rudoe is the founder of organic skincare brand S5. The range aims to help protect your skin from the harmful elements of everyday life. From pollution, chronic stress to immune dysfunction, S5, the sister brand of Evolve Beauty, is comprised of targeted skincare, using bio-actives from plants that thrive in the most extreme ecosystems on earth. 


What motivated you to start S5?

After Evolve was created and launched in around 2011, I had lots of Evolve customers emailing me with their skin issues and complaints. Evolve was all about skincare being accessible for a mass market, but I realise that it wasn't targeted and wasn't created to help specific skin needs - hence the birth of S5.


What is your brand’s purpose?

As a teen I struggled with bad acne and it really affected my confidence. Having good skin really is important. I knew I needed help to improve my skin, but there was no proper skincare advice in the department stores and I didn't have the confidence to ask for skin advice over the counter.

The purpose of S5 is to help those with skin complaints and improve the confidence of women through healthy looking skin. The brand is a problem-solver with powerful and natural ingredients that work. I spent over a year researching natural ingredients, their benefits and clinical trial results.


What do you think makes your brand unique?

We solve skin problems with the use of extreme natural ingredients. 


What do you love about your job?

Designing and producing products that help people. 


What would you say are the key benefits that your brand’s products offer?  

They offer a tool kit to create perfect solutions for your skin. Each serum focusing on just one problem so results are maximised. You can customise the solution for your skin and layer the serums if you need. We offer solutions for anti-aging, blemishes, dry skin and hyper pigmentation. 



What’s your favourite ingredient?

A glycoprotein from the Antarctic offering anti-aging properties. Antarctic Glycoproteins are one of S5’s hero ingredients, taken from an ecosystem where organisms are exposed to extreme cold. When applied to the skin, this ingredient has been shown to reduce wrinkle depth on average by 44% after 30 days, and increase type I collagen production by 128% after 14 days. This is our Renew Serum.


What is your favourite product within your range and why?

Definitely the Renew Serum - it has instant results and I use it every day.


How has Showcase Beauty helped your brand grow?

Our brand is still quite undiscovered and Showcase Beauty have really helped push the brand S5 out there. I find the trust customers have with their beauty experts invaluable and rare. This level of trust and interaction cannot be found anywhere else from your average e-commerce shopper. 


Sum up your brand in one sentence   

That's a tricky one - can I have 2?! Evolve's big sister. An organic, advanced skin solution brand.


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