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Q&A with Beatitude Founder, Rebecca O’Connor

Q&A with Beatitude Founder, Rebecca O’Connor

Beauty expert and aromatherapist Rebecca O’Connor, founded Beatitude to bring 100% natural, cruelty-free aromatherapy into your home. In this article you can learn more from Rebecca herself, including the motivation behind starting her brand, as well as the benefits of her uplifting products.


What motivated you to start a brand?

I really got fed up with how much cleaning you had to do after enjoying a lovely aromatherapy bath. When I created Beatitude I launched with bath oils. Our USP was that they were 100% natural, but dispersed in the water. Therefore, you avoid the heavy cleaning that's required with more traditional bath oils. I also wanted our carrier oils to be more luxurious and nutritious on the skin. That's why we use Oat Oil, Camellia Oil and Peach Kernel Oil rather than just Sunflower or Grape Seed Oil.


What is your brand’s purpose?

Our brand strapline is ‘a State of Supreme Happiness.' This is the definition of the word Beatitude and it's my genuine aim that all our products bring about a renewed sense of relaxation, tranquility and happiness.


What do you think makes your brand unique?

Our essential oil combinations are unique as is our combination of more unusual and light plant oils. All our products have a unique silky feeling that leaves the skin wonderfully nourished and the oils are absorbed quickly.


What do you love most about your job?

Meeting customers who love our products and getting lovely feedback about the results they get with our products. We often meet people who say they can’t live without Beatitude


What would you say are the key benefits that your brand’s products offer?

Easy and affordable relaxation and skin nourishment. These are products that simply make you feel better. 


What’s your favourite ingredient and why?

That's a really difficult one to answer as there are many lovely natural, therapeutic ingredients that contribute to the effectiveness of our products. If I had to pick one it would probably be Neroli essential oil. This is in our Replenish Facial Oil, a wonderful anti-ageing skincare ingredient with the most beautiful smell that combines floral and citrus notes - just heavenly.


As Mother's Day is coming up, what would you recommend I treat my mum to from your range?  

The Peace Bath Oil is always a winner - this is the gift of relaxation and offers the next best thing to the spa experience. Our 100ml gives you x20 therapeutic baths so it's great value.

What do you think is special about the partnership between your brand and Showcase Beauty?

We have been a founding brand partner since your launch in 2012 and we had only just launched in Winter 2011. So, we have grown together which makes our partnership very special. We love the network of beauty experts and the supportive nature of Showcase Beauty.


Sum up your brand in one sentence

Well-being in a bottle.




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