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Glamfox: Lipsticks with real flowers just became reality

Glamfox: Lipsticks with real flowers just became reality

Glamfox, the Korean beauty brand has released a set of lipsticks that are infused with real flowers, which are exclusive to Showcase Beauty in the UK. You can say goodbye to flowers that don’t last a lifetime with these K-beauties. The lipsticks are transparent, made with 24k gold powder to add a luxury shimmer and feature a real flower in the base. These products don’t contain any toxic ingredients like parabens and mineral oils. Instead, an array of natural ingredients, seemingly as if they were handpicked from a garden just for you! Their Rose Flower stick contains: gold, daisy, lily, lavender, sunflower and other floral extracts.

The flower element would’ve been enough to set them apart from their competitors. Yet they also change colour dependent on the temperature and pH level of your lips. The colour change is natural, not shifting to crazy blues and purples, but shades that enhance your natural lip colour. When applied, the colour will not differ between the lipsticks, so you can simply choose your favourite flower. A tip: “if you feel you want a deeper colour just apply on a couple of layers to intensify the shade of pink,” revealed beauty blogger Lee Yann.

The product also does wonders for your lips. Proving they aren’t just beautiful on the outside, lip glows feel “very moisturising and not too oily or sticky on the lips. It's very suitable to use every day and night to prevent lip dryness,” added Yann.

And have you seen the Glamfox packaging? These lippies are SO gorgeously giftable.


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