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A talk with Studio 10 Founder, Grace Fodor

A talk with Studio 10 Founder, Grace Fodor

Grace Fodor, the founder of makeup brand Studio 10, explains how she created a brand focused on making beauty timeless. 



What motivated you to start Studio 10?

As I hit 40, I was labelled as 'middle aged' and found myself surrounded by negative anti-aging stereotypes that didn't reflect how I felt or lived my life. 

I wanted to celebrate my age, wear it proudly, feel truly confident and be represented in advertising by the very brands trying to talk to us. As for products, they need to be designed with this in mind. My background is in makeup and I was determined to create a line that really addressed the needs of maturing woman, rather than just dressed up products with clever slogans, which is all I could find. 


What do you think makes your brand unique? 

I think the level of attention to detail that my team and I put into creating products that are designed for maturing skins. Our skin changes as we age and so do our needs. I believe that our commitment to age-positivity on our terms has set us apart. We think every age is beautiful and we really believe in our age-inclusive stance. 



What do you love most about your job?

The emails and comments from women sharing that they feel beautiful for the first time in years is a huge drive for me.  

People often think that makeup is a bit shallow, but we transform women’s views of themselves and let them see that there's so much more to life than they had perhaps been led to believe, given society’s stereotypical views on ageing.   Makeup is more than skin deep! 


What would you say are the key benefits that your brand’s products offer?

We’re a skincare makeup brand, so all of our products are designed to multi-task, with nurturing at the core. Each product will not only enhance how you look, it will also work to improve the skin’s condition over time. 


What’s your favourite ingredient and why?

Hyaluronic Acid. When it comes to ingredients, this really is the gold standard. It can hold up to thousand times its own weight in water, so it actively hydrates the skin from within while visibly plumping and improving texture. 


What is your favourite product within your range and why?

My Plumping Blush Glow-Plexion. It is one of the first products I launched Studio 10 with and sells out in days every time we get new stock in. 

It’s the ultimate complexion pick-me-up in a universal and ultra-flattering shade of peach with golden undertones for radiant, glowing skin in an instant. It buffs seamlessly giving a true skin finish and it's enriched with plumping active Adipofill™.

Apply it to the cheeks and a light touch to the forehead, nose, chin and eyelids and it looks like you’ve had 8 hours sleep!


Please tell us about the creation process for your product range and where they are made.

I work directly with the highest quality beauty manufacturers and chemists from around the globe. Sometimes they let me know about a new ingredient, or I’ll go to them with a product I would like to create, and we work closely together to get it right. Everything is rigorously tested, and if it’s not right, we don’t launch it. 


What do you think is special about the partnership between your brand and Showcase Beauty?

I think there’s something incredibly authentic about letting women explore different brands in their own homes. It’s easy to pretty things up and give a hard sell in a department store, but Showcase Beauty puts beauty right into the hands of the women who use it, and the products must deliver as a result.  It’s a trusted partnership for us and one that I value highly. 


You always look incredible - can we have your secret please?!  What Studio 10 products do you use daily?

Thank you! I always use Miracle Effect Priming Serum; it’s a 15 minute miracle that’s clinically proven to reduce fine lines up to 16% while delivering visible anti-ageing long-term results in just two weeks. 


image credit: @mrcjcalvert

This supercharged breakthrough formula dramatically improves the signs of ageing, completely redefining the complexion, while instantly giving the skin a boost and reducing wrinkles up to 42% after 6 weeks. 

I also use Plumping Blush, for the reasons I mentioned earlier, and I never go anywhere without my 6-in-1 Perfect Lash Mascara.  I love that it volumises and lengthens while still conditioning my lashes. 

With Mother’s Day looming - what three Studio 10 products do you recommend we treat our mothers to? 

Definitely the Plumping Blush; with my new Balm Gloss featuring a triple action, hybrid formulation that is a balm, treatment and gloss in one! Lips will feel nourished and cared for, whilst looking perfectly plumped all day long. 

I’d even the skin tone with our Age Repair Perfect Canvas, with SPF 30 as the ultimate base for complexion perfection at any age. Its all-in-one advanced treatment foundation redefines the complexion for intensely hydrated, conditioned and airbrushed looking skin. The ultra-lightweight 'true-skin’ and innovative colour adjusting formula with optical diffusing pigments smoothes and blurs the appearance of fine lines, open pores and uneven skin tone. 

Sum up your brand in one sentence.

PRO-AGE skincare makeup with formulas perfect for mature skins and is our shortcut to flawless skin, lit from within radiance and ageless beauty that makes us look good, and feel even better.




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