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Q&A with skincare expert, Jane Scrivner

Q&A with skincare expert, Jane Scrivner

A full conversation breaking down Jane Scrivner’s renowned skincare range.


What motivated you to start a skincare brand?

There wasn’t ever a moment when I thought ‘I want to create a brand’. It was a slow process of working with amazing oils in spas when training therapists, then using the same oils for my clients and seeing their skin come alive after using them. Clients asked to take whatever was left over home and so it grew organically as I bottled oils, then hand-labelled (then ‘posh’ labelled) by printing them and until the range took on a life of its own.


What is your brand’s purpose?

Great question! I’m often asked what does the brand stand for or what is the philosophy, which I always find hard to encapsulate. But, what’s its purpose I can answer immediately— to get people healthy ‘tick box’ skin. By that I mean to be able to look in the mirror each morning and simply say, ‘yes, skin, sorted, tick’, to be able to get on with anything and not have your skin as a constant on your ‘to-do’ list. Life is busy enough, if I could get everyone their recipe for healthy, clear skin, then that would be just fine.


What do you think makes your brand unique?

My attention to ingredients. I know many brands say they do this and I can’t know what that means to anyone else, but I do know what it means to me. I study an ingredient that I believe will achieve results. I then try to source the absolute best version of that ingredient, then I put as much as possible of it into a product – so the product is single-minded with a single message. Then, we work out the costings – which can mean the product costs more or costs less, but it’s always ingredient led. I have worked with formulators and do work with them on areas. One of the earliest questions is how much does this need to cost, or they give me a cost per kilo of the ‘work in progress’ formula to check if it’s still worth working on. My approach is it needs to work first, then we cost it and then we go to market. I couldn’t put a product out that I didn’t believe worked and got the results it’s supposed to in a really short period of time. That makes a product worth what it costs. Results are the only thing that can give it worth. I hope that makes us unique. I truly, work to make things simple, I spend my time on ingredients that get results and quick. Marketing, costing and messaging all comes after.


What do you love most about your job?

Formulating. The BEST thing is to get to put together an idea on paper, source the best version of the ingredients, trial on myself, then check with a chemist/formulating chemist that I haven’t put 2 ingredients together that won’t stay together, testing it and finally having a product in a bottle that works. It’s just the BEST thing. The BETTER thing is having someone else use the product and getting the same results. That’s when my indulgence becomes a purpose.


What would you say are the key benefits that your brand’s products offer?

Results, healthy skin, simplicity, ability to not have skincare be important but to have it be a selection of products you use on a daily basis and it to be a case of ‘skincare? DONE!’ I will only develop products that I think are required, not just because I can, I am closely involved with both products and customers. Some may argue too closely – ‘Jane, you don’t need to get involved in this, we can sort it’ is a phrase I hear quite often! Not about product but about how quickly will they get their order, did you send a note with that box, have we checked that— etc, etc, etc. Control freak, moi?!


What’s your favourite ingredient and why?

Can’t answer that, but if you asked me to choose one ingredient for my desert island then that would be Jojoba Oil, Argentinian, raw and organic. It can be a pure cleansing oil, a facial oil, a body oil, it’s regulating for the skin as it’s naturally identical to the skin’s natural sebum, it works to replenish the skin’s natural barrier function and you can take it as an omega-rich supplement. It truly is multi-functional, suitable for all skin types and sits beautifully on and in the skin.

Your skin is glowing! Are we allowed to know your secret daily skin routine?

Well flattery will get you anywhere! There is nothing secret, it’s on the market. Religiously I use my SKINCARE 5 A DAY – I joke that I make the range to future proof myself, but it’s no joke. I want my skin sorted as much as the next person. AM & PM I use Nourishing Cleanser, love the fluffy mitt, hate that it shows so much dirt, but better on the mitt than on my face. I do a quick swipe with Skinfoliate, single pump of Bioluronic Buzz and massage until disappeared. I’m not tempted to add another pump as I know that makes my skin flake; so, I go straight to single pump of Skin Elixir in the AM and Affirmative Facial Oil in the PM (firming and toning) then literally the smallest amount of OO Cream. All products are applied to my face and neck. Plus, I am adding Product X in various places to see where it sits in the range. Product X being my next formulation, which I am very excited about. As we sit here I am truly hoping a bottle of the final blend is the final blend and we can get on with the stages to launch early summer.

As Mother’s Day is coming up, what would you recommend we can treat our mums to from your range? 

We think that Mother’s Day is an absolute reward and pamper day. It’s the least we can do for everything they do. We have put together MASQUERADE Intense De Stress Face Masque, with our Fluffy mitts and all inside a fab Jane Scrivner cotton bag. No stress, apply masque, relax for just as long as you wish, splash with cool water, wipe away with cool, dampened mitt #1 and then ‘fluffy mitt dry down’ with mitt #2.  Emerge with glowing, plumped, de-stressed skin. It truly is the least you can do for the ‘mum’ in your life.



What do you think is special about the partnership between your brand and Showcase Beauty?

The fact that we can talk like this, we know each other and we have become partners and friends not just supplier/retailer. You appreciate we are a small brand with big ideas. You accommodate that and we appreciate that you want as much as you can to make Showcase Beauty an amazing experience for customers and stylists. I LOVE that you can ask me a question to answer any customer or beauty expert enquiry and that your approach to customers is the same as ours— getting them the results they need because at the end of the day, if there’re no results then there is no point.

Sum up your brand in one sentence.

Your effective, practical solution for healthy skin, naturally and organically. I could say it in a million ways but there you go, there's today’s answer!


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