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3 Factors to identify sensational scents

3 Factors to identify sensational scents

There are hundreds of fragrances launched every year, so just how do you know where to start when choosing one that works for you? Well we’re here to make the process simpler for you. Scent tends to develop slightly differently on each individual, but the basic aromas - fruit, flowers and spices - remain identifiable. Below you find some top tips for choosing your scent.

1. Time of year: During the summer we tend to prefer lighter, fresher fragrances with sparkling top notes, so opt for citrus scents, with notes of lemon, lime and/ or orange. Sweet and glossy florals work well in summer too, for example jasmine and ylang-ylang. In winter, we drift towards heavier, richer, darker scents, characterised by spicy and woody notes. Great Showcase Beauty summer scents include Connock London’s Kukui Eau de Parfum and Vittaveli Eau de Parfum. Then Jane Scrivner’s Reed Diffuser - Peace is the perfect soothing blend for the home in the winter months.


2. Lifestyle: The kind of scent you wear out for the evening is usually different to the kind you might spritz on during the day. We often choose lighter scents in the day because they are less powerful and more versatile. For the guys, we recommend a couple of our bestsellers by Gentlemen's Tonic, Junzi Eau de Toilette in the day and Honos Eau de Toilette in the evening.


3. Environment: Alternatively, why not consider your surrounds and scents that add a little Feng Shui? Doing this can help create a sense of balance in your home and complement your mood. Neom’s Happiness Reed Diffuser or Connock London’s Kukui Oil Scented Candle are the ideal scents to create equilibrium in your home.


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