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Serum Sense: How Precious Elixirs Help Your Skin

So do serums, so-called 'precious' bottled elixirs, really yield better results than regular creams? They certainly sound scientifically advanced.  >>


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GET, SET, CLEANSE: 5 tips for getting it right

Finding the cleanser for you and the right way to use it.. >>

PARTY FACE: How to get through a hangover

A couple of slices of cucumber before bed would reduce the intensity of your potenial hangover, but if you seem unlikely to find salad appealing when you're making your way to bed in the early hours of the morning, here are some more tips to see you through a heavy head.  >>

MOISTURISER KNOW-HOW: 3 skin friendly ingredients

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EYE TREAT: 3 steps to younger eyes

They're our most expressive feature - the thing that many notice first about us, yet our eyes are also the part of us which tends to age fastest. Why?  >>

SKIN DEEP: 3 ways to rejuvenate your face with your fingers

Some face creams and cosmetics work wonders on our faces, making them look younger, more vibrant and fresh.  >>

HIMALAYAN CRUNCH: salt of the earth?

Himalayan salt is a marketing term for halite (rock salt) from Pakistan, which was commercialised in the early 21st century.  >>

OILY SKIN: special care?

One of the big myths about oily skin is that it is caused by greasy food. While it may be worsened by poor diet and harsh topicals, the root of the problem are tiny sebaceous glands under the skin’s surface which are stimulated by hormones.  >>

FLAW-MAKERS: where skin's ruin starts

A modern woman would have to be living in OUTER SPACE not to know that sunlight and cigarettes can be lethal to her health and looks – and even there she would probably still need SUNBLOCK.  >>

WATER-TIGHT: do water resistance claims hold?

In 2002, the FDA - the body that governs the CLAIMS made by cosmetics in the US - required suncare companies to eliminate the use of the word 'WATERPROOF' as a valid claim for skin/body care and cosmetics.  >>

Eye Time: For A Clear View

Modern life put eyes under so much stress – tiredness, dust (especially when hayfever season hits), UV-radiation and bright PC screens are a few daily hazards that affect their health and appearance.  >>

Skin & Sun: Food For Thought

There are lesser known facts about skin cancer that are more positive inasmuch as they empower by increasing our knowledge about how it develops and so make it preventable.  >>

BERRY GOOD: the best beauty-making foods

Last week I gave you a couple of RECIPES for skin-boosting smoothies. This week, let me tell you more about the foods which have BEAUTY BENEFITS.  >>

BOTANICAL BOMB: the beauty of rose

Rose is a popular ingredient in skin care for good reason! Extracts from the petals of this pretty, delicate flower may be used on all skin types but are often included in products for dry, sensitive and mature skin.  >>