HEAVEN SCENT: 3 ways to find your perfect perfume

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You would be forgiven for finding the fragrance counters confusing - there are hundreds of new fragrances launched every year, just how do you know where to start to choose one you love? Well, believe it or not there is a science to it and it's much more simple than you think. Scent tends to develop slightly differently on each individual, but the basic aromas - fruit, flowers and spices - remain identifiable ..




1. Think about the time of year: in the summer we tend to prefer lighter, fresher fragrances with sparkling top notes, so scents that smell of fruit like lemons and oranges. Florals often work well in summer too, as long as they are not too sweet and strong. In winter, we drift towards heavier, richer, darker scents, characterised by spicy and woody notes. Great MyShowcase summer scents include Sage LA Roll-On Perfumed Oils and Ruth Mastenbroek Amorosa Eau de Parfum.

2. Think about your lifestyle: the kind of scent you wear out for the evening is usually different to the kind you might spritz on during the day. At the same time, we often choose light body mists over eau de parfum in the summer because they are less powerful and more bearable in the heat. Try Ruth Mastenbroek Signature Eau de Parfum.

3. Think about the type of scent: the strongest scents are eau de parfum because they're quite concentrated; eau de toilette tend to be a little lighter, while colognes and body mists and tonics are the lightest of all. They don't last that long. Alternatively why not consider an environmental fragrance - a beautiful scented candle or reed diffuser? Or try a scented body cream - that's another great way to wear fragrance! Try Mitchell and Peach Body Cream, Neom Happiness Reed Diffuser or Connock London Scented Candle.