VANITA'S TOP BROW TIPS: Expert tips straight from the browbar

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Here at MyShowcase we think brows are pretty important; they frame your face and can create a polished look in minutes. So when looking for top tips on brow care and maintenance, we naturally turned to brow-shaping guru, Vanita Parti, founder of B The Eyebrow Experts (formerly known as Blink). After realising the need for a great threading service in London, Vanita pioneered the first Blink Brow Bar. From here she developed a range of wonder products, each designed to enhance and maintain the professional treatments.




1. Keep your skin clean and smooth and use an gentle exfoliator around the eyebrow area to ensure that any hair growth doesn't get trapped under the skin.

2. When shaping, use a pencil to mark where the brows start (bridge of nose), where the arch is (through the iris and up) and where the brow ends (slant pencil at the end of your nose up the brows).

3. Work with the natural shape of your eyebrows rather than trying to achieve something that will make your eyebrows appear to thin. You can manipulate and make the most of your brows, but being realistic to what the gods gave you is a key tip for great brows! B The Brow Expert’s Eyebrow pencils have a waxy texture which makes filling in any gaps or thickening out your natural brow line easy and provides natural-looking results.

4. It’s all about balance, so keep the shape in line with the shape of your face- i.e a long face doesn't suit oval shaped eyebrows. Flat brows will be more flattering and will pull out the arch, towards your temples, giving your face more shape.

5. If you’re growing out over plucked brows, then patience is a virtue! But speed things up by applying B The Eyebrow Experts Nourishing Brow Oil at night. I developed the oil for maximum growth and nourishment after meeting so many ladies who were desperately trying to grow their brows out and their patience was waning!

6. If your eyebrows have a mind of their own and tend to go a little haywire throughout the day, our Eyebrow Grooming Gel will fix them. It slicks eyebrows into place, whilst moisturising the hair for a glossy and groomed finish.

7. And lastly, don’t attempt to have or create perfectly symmetrical brows! It rarely looks natural and it’s an industry saying that brows should be more like sisters than twins!

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