THE NEW YEAR EDIT : the one that makes your insides beautiful too

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So we've finally rounded the corner into January and everyone is greatly relieved because we can finally start shouting about the newbie brands we're welcoming this month to the MyShowcase line-up. It feels like we’ve been sitting on our hands forever! So, make yourself comfy and I'll reveal all.



One of the things I've written about increasingly over the past few years is the move towards holistic beauty. It's not a trend, it's a proper cultural shift that has evolved in tandem with our increased understanding of wellbeing and how our lifestyle and all the elements in it – diet, exercise, relaxation, beauty - impacts on our health. Most of us, I hope, agree that beauty isn't just about being young or just about skin cream and makeup. The way we feel, our health and attitude are as much to do with it, and the principle behind holistic or inclusive beauty is that you 'treat' your skin, hair and/or nails inside and out, so you maximize what you apply to yourself with internal nutrition.

The cleverest skincare brands understand that they can enhance the benefits of their products with supplements. Take Jane Scrivner: brilliant facialist, talented aromatherapist and, it turns out, clever beauty-nutritionist too. Her face and new body oils are complemented now by a range of potent anti-ageing Softgel Capsules containing Flaxseed, Starflower or Rosehip Oils to provide support to skin, hair and nails, especially during menopause when things do tend to slide on the ageing front. You'll find these supplements in my new year curation for MyShowcase, along with another smart anti-ageing supplement called Pure Elixir 01. Developed by Amanda Henson, who believes that 'good nutrition feeds the body, skin and soul', the supplements contain high concentrations of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients like vitamin E and C, soy isoflavones, marine collagen and tomato extract.

Also on the supplement front (you'll be picking up on a bit of a theme here), I've looked beyond beauty and at our stomachs .. I really LOVE the idea of a 'tummy expert', which is what Linda Booth, founder of Just For Tummies, is. An expert on digestion, Linda has developed a range of supplements to enhance gut health, including a basic multi-strain probiotic called Live Bacteria to Garlic, a natural 'antiseptic' for the gut. I felt these fit perfectly into our comprehensive new year/new you line-up.

If you've always thought aromatherapy was something for purists only, Tazeka Aromatherapy is going to change your mind. It's the most eye-catching aromatherapy line I've seen and the roll on blends, mixed by clinical aromatherapist, Zena Hallam, are absolutely second-to-none. I'm so thrilled to be able to bring this brand to MyShowcase Stylists – and exclusively too. Each of the blends is mixed to impact your mood differently and there are 10 to choose from. My favourite? Motivation. Roll this fusion of lime, thyme, ginger, black spruce and balsam fir over your wrists and you'll be buzzing.

Now, I've been thinking about your hair. It needs some TLC right? It's going to get it. We're welcoming two of the most esteemed hairstylists to the fold this month – Paul 'Percy' Percival and Adam Reed - and their beautiful haircare. My particular passion? Eau My Goodness Shine & Fragrance Spray – the bottle itself is a work of art. You'll find a special reason to buy these products too as the boys have generously offered MyShowcase customers a unique deal where you get a free product every month with a 3-month subscription. If you REALLY need a reason to buy Percy & Reed this is it.

When I met Richard Mears, the founder of Instant Effects, I knew instantly that his brand was destined for MyShowcase. This is an incredibly clever take on the 'photo perfect finish' – Richard has developed a capsule range of high performance staples – Instant Lip Plumper, Instant Eye Lift and Instant Lash Volumiser – that work to maximize each feature in a way that makeup and camera filters normally only can. Results may be seen in 2 minutes – and when I say results I mean a 20% difference in volume to lips and lashes. Trying is definitely believing. I know you won't be disappointed.

At the other end of the skincare spectrum is Madara, a beautiful line from a Latvian company voted the greenest in the entire country. My edit of founder Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere's products includes two natural deodorants (see, I am listening!), a wonderfully rich cream for elbows and heels, and the softest bath soaps I've used. Treat yourself to Cranberry & Juniper Hand & Body Soap; it's sublime.

Lastly, there's makeup sponges and there's Barely Cosmetics – definitely not your average makeup sponge! Created by makeup artist Nicole McEvoy, these three sponges have been specially developed to deliver the smoothest finish for foundation and tinted moisturiser, but also as a conduit for applying serum, makeup primer, and for cleaning up and accentuating makeup – your lip-line or your eye liner flick. This is one of those clever inventions that we will soon wonder how we ever lived without.

This is the tip of the iceberg – there are new nail polishes from Kure Bazaar, plum and brown mascaras from New CID and T. LeClerc, a fabulous Brow Kit from BBROWBAR, and a Skin Softening Bathing Powder from Ameliorate which works like their celebrated body lotion, you just bathe in. Genius, I know.

Happy discovering friends, happy new year!

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