MyShowcase ideas for nail polishes and lipglosses this summer

SUMMER CANDY: seasonal makeup

So how do you wear these colours?

Well, the trend is to match lips to nails, so my advice is to dip a toe in with the lip-colours, choosing glosses and transparent lipsticks (those which aren't rich in pigment) because they make the neon colours easier to wear; and to go as brilliant as you dare with your nails.

There are 101 ways to wear the new neons on your nails. Try:

1. Single strokes - paint a single stripe down the centre of each nail. It makes bright colours seem less full-on and slims fingers down too.

2. Two tone - ask your manicurist to do a two-effect (unless you have a really steady hand), applying one shade to your nail bed and another to the tips.

3. Random tips - for the edgiest look, paint a few random nails with one bright and keep the rest neutral.