THE ART OF SUBTLETY: why the best surgery is invisible

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"The average person can learn from fashion models", says cosmetic surgeon Prof Kirwan. "Getting cosmetic surgery done isn't getting branded with a scarlet letter. If done correctly, few besides your surgeon and similarly trained professionals will notice," he said. Professor Kirwan, who has clinics in London and the US, specialises in aesthetic plastic surgery of the face, breast and body. "Many more fashion models have cosmetic ‘help' than you think. The most advanced procedures are so subtle, that it's virtually impossible to identify through the naked eye," he says. Procedures such as lip plumping along with chin and cheek fillers are virtually invisible, even to the trained eye, Kirwan said. Another virtually invisible procedure is a skin resurfacing treatment known as "Clear and Brilliant," he said. "It's a unique laser treatment that helps reduce and prevent signs of ageing. It smoothes the skin, improving tone and texture and reducing the appearance of pores and fine lines." Then there's more involved procedures such as breast enhancement, ear pinning and rhinoplasty. "Those might be a bit more noticeable. Once again though, not if the surgeon does a good job, and the person hasn't had too many surgeries," Kirwan said. People should research thoroughly to find the best surgeon for a particular procedure. "Remember, it's not just cosmetic surgery, it's surgery. You need to get to know your surgeon, and to thoroughly discuss the expectations and goals for surgery as well as side effects and risks," Kirwan said. The surgeon should also be listed on the specialist register of the country where he/she trained in cosmetic surgery.


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