SKINCARE 101: cleansing

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We asked over 1,300 women which skincare product they couldn’t live without, and the results ARE IN! Overwhelmingly, the majority of respondents said they could not live without their trusty moisturiser. 

However, as vital as a moisturiser is, we firmly believe that it’s your cleanser that forms the essential building block of your skincare regime. Cleansed skin enables your skincare to penetrate the epidermis more effectively. Your hydrating creams, targeted serums and anti-ageing must-haves can then deliver the results they’re capable of! Stand-out skin doesn’t take an age. Taking 2 minutes to cleanse your face morning and evening makes all the difference to the tone & texture of your skin. Got a few spare seconds? Upgrade. Double cleansing at the end of your day will inject a little more sparkle to your skin, giving you that #beautyconfidence and the results you deserve! Whether you need to clarify, renew or hydrate, your cleanser is your first point of call.




Choose a cleanser that suits your skin type. It’s all about personal preference too, you should fall head over heels for your cleanser! It’s the first product you pick up in the morning and the last thing at night. It’s the secret to glowing skin and the base to your makeup. Tip – balm, oil or cream cleansers are most sympathetic to most skin types, including unbalanced, sensitive or dry skin types.


Let’s reawaken those muscles and get your circulation flowing. Using your fingertips, massage your cleanser into skin, not forgetting your neck! Work it in using circular, upward strokes to break down the dirt and promote blood circulation. Tip – don’t be tempted to press too hard, this will only drag skin and cause premature ageing


Sweet dreams are made of cleansers & fluffy mitts! But if you prefer to use your hands or a muslin cloth, hey that’s ok too. Simply soak in warm water, wring out and gently remove all the cleanser from your skin. If you really want to up your game, we suggest a facial cleansing brush from Magnitone. You can use ANY cleanser, so it fits straight into your routine - but it supercharges your routine by toning your skin too. Deep rooted blemishes? Surface scarring? Notice the difference within days and watch them melt away. Tip – use a fresh muslin or mitt daily to ensure your skin stays clear, correctly cleansed and completely gorgeous!


Finally - say hello to double cleansing. Forget it in the morning (who has the time!), but this really is a must for your evening routine when you have a spare minute or 2. Your first cleanse removes makeup and dirt sitting on the surface of your skin. Your second cleanse removes sebum, grime and pollution that has worked its way into your pores. Think of it as the quick wash vs. the cotton wash. The quick wash just won’t get all the dirt out every time particularly if you wear makeup everyday or live in a polluted city centre!

Follow with your personal routine for photo-ready perfection! #beautyconfidence #gorgeouscleanskin


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