PERFUMED OILS: the new way to waft

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Looking for a SUMMER scent - something light, fresh and subtle, which stays on you and doesn't INVADE everyone else's AIR SPACE? Well you may not necessarily find the ANSWER at the conventional fragrance counter. No, we think it COMES in a neat little dispenser SIMILAR to the ROLLER BALL you had for lipgloss in the 1970's .. PERFUMED OIL has been spotted in all the best beauty BOUTIQUES this summer, and we think we've got the best one from SAGE LA, but then we are biased ..

We discovered Sage LA Perfumed Roll On Oils by default really. I had a mini travel candle which a friend had brought back from LA for me - a scrumptious thing, wrapped in Japanese patterned rice paper and diddy enough to slip into a handbag. It was the Onyx fragrance, Sage's mysterious, wintry scent, and I loved it so much I kept the candle on my desk long after it had had its last burn.

When I started curating brands for MyShowcase, Sage LA was at the top of my list, but the candles turned out to be too costly and fragile to ship, so Sage Machado suggested we try her Perfumed Roll On Oils. Lucky we did, because these are among our best-selling products.

Why so special? Well look at them! Those delicate Japanese papers, wrapped around a mini cylinder, and inside the little bottle of oil, each one created to a different blend inspired by gemstones (Sage is a jewellery maker by trade).

My favourite is still Onyx - the same as the candle, but I also love Sage's signature, Sage - created to evoke the freshness of the sage herb and the great outdoors. It's exceptional.

There are 7 scents in the range, and most people like to sniff their way through the whole lot at least twice before they can decide on a favourite. The wonderful thing about them is that the fragrance is very subtle - not that overpowering, chemical-rich odour you sometimes get hit by when someone walks past you or sits next to you on the tube. Sage's Perfumed Roll On Oils are made to be enjoyed by you and people who get (very) close to you: you just apply them to your wrists, backs of knees or behind ears and away you go. They're small enough to carry around in a handbag too if you want to add more during the day.

A lot of people like them because they are chemical-free and have no alcohol in them. So if you find you react badly to conventional perfume, you might find a breakthrough in these.

Now all you have to do is make a decision .. Take your time ..