OILY SKIN: does it need special care?

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One of the big myths about oily skin is that it is caused by greasy food. While it may be worsened by poor diet and harsh topicals, the root of the problem are tiny sebaceous glands under the skin’s surface which are stimulated by hormones. Too much of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) sensitises the glands and encourages them to make excess sebum, the lipidic oil that makes skin shiny and congests pores. DHT first appears in puberty which is why oily skin is more likely then, and why teenage skincare is geared to fight shine and spots. The trend spills into adult ranges with astringent-based lotions that claim to ‘control’ sebum output on the T-zone (forehead and nose) which has the most dense coverage of sebaceous glands; but what we know about the role hormones play tells us all we need to know about these. Primers which mattify skin can be useful if they don’t make it uncomfortably tight and dry; and oil-free creams can stop it looking overly shiny. But harsh soaps, astringents and oil-controlling gels can be clumsy in ‘treating’ a problem that is often a passing phase and upset the acid mantle, which is there to preserve skin. Among the sympathetic dedicated ranges for teenagers and young skins is Elizabeth's Daughter, which we believe to be the best because the products give the same hydrating and cleansing benefits as regular ones without aggravating oiliness.




Baby Face Natural Facial Cleansing Bar

Not all soaps upset the skin's delicate acid mantle, exacerbate oiliness or leave skin uncomfortably tight. The best, like this one, are completely natural and made with soothing and conditioning ingredients. Kirstie Garrett developed this cleansing bar with protein-rich asses milk, and it's one of the gentlest soaps we've tried.

Elizabeth's Daughter Daily Moisturiser with SPF15

Moisturises young skin without overloading it. This is a natural, light and wonderfully simple daily cream with that all-important sun filter.

Kate Logan Beauty Breakout Calm Balm

One of the cleverest herbalists we know, Kate has developed this with natural cleansing and soothing botanical extracts to reduce blemish inflammation. A great little tin to keep handy for congested moments.