NEW NATURALS: the rise of pure beauty

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One of the main reasons natural has taken off in beauty, along with a demand for organic food, is our quest for simpler answers to more stressful lives. Many of us, I suspect, realise that using natural products no longer turns us into barefoot, bra-less earth mothers either, because new generation naturals are, by and large, refined and desirable. The trend has encouraged even the most commercial manufacturers to ‘naturalise’ their formulas to satisfy evermore informed and beady-eyed consumers. Many have found hard-working natural surrogates to potential irritants like petro-chemicals, and this can only be progress. But while there is proof that nature’s ingredients can have positive physiological benefits, not all natural topicals possess the quality that makes a difference – let alone in a combination that optimises benefits, often despite an inflated price. This may come as a surprise, but to qualify as natural a product need only have a token measure of plant extracts because there is no legal definition of the word natural. My advice then, on this minefield, is to choose natural products with need and expectation in mind: if you are a purist – and natural ingredients matter as much to you as ecological packaging – go for uncompromising brands. And if your interest is in natural anti-ageing soutions look at brands like Aurelia, Antonia Burrell and Balance Me that combine the right active naturals – like fruit acids or antioxidants like rosehips or rosemary – with chemical.




Kate Logan Green Clay Mask - 100% pure French clay to deep-cleanse clogged pores.

Neom Luxury Organics Refresh Travel Candle - enriched with natural therapeutic essences like Sicilian lemon oil.

Sage LA Sage Roll-On Oil - a alcohol-free natural blend of scented oils like sweet pea.

Balm Balm Fragrance Free Lip Balm - the purest, smoothest balm ever: put it on dry bits, lips and even babies' bottoms.