10 inspirational beauty bosses reveal the best beauty advice their mother ever gave them

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To celebrate Mother's Day we asked 10 industry experts for their most cherished beauty advice; because Mum knows best...



Caroline Hirons, Beauty Blogger, Vlogger & YouTube sensation:

"Never, EVER, sleep in your makeup"

Kim Jacob, MyShowcase Makeup Director & International Makeup Artist:

"Take the time to look after your skin and don't go into the sun without SPF"

Jane Fletcher, Founder of Bagsy

"Cleanse your face morning & night for perfect skin - it's the best base for your makeup"

Savannah Miller, Fashion Designer:

"Never fall asleep with a full face of makeup - it ages your skin!"

Tracey Woodward, CEO of Aromatherapy Associates:

"Cleanse, cleanse and cleanse again."

Marie Drago, CEO & Founder of Gallinée:

"My mum was all about maintaining a clean canvas and keeping skin super healthy"

Jenny Bae, Co-Founder of Maskorea:

"It was my mother who introduced me to the benefits of apple cider vinegar. I drink it with water every day - the rewards are endless!"

Jane Freedman, Co-Founder of Maskorea:

"Take your makeup off properly"

Nancy Cruickshank, CEO & Founder of MyShowcase:

"Complete your look with a fabulous lipstick! My mother was always rocking a classic nude"

Laura Rudoe, Founder of Evolve:

"My mum is from Romania, where there is a real focus on nutrition, health and natural, homegrown food. My mum taught me how to make oatmeal masks and facial peels! She gave me my love for natural, nourishing beauty products. Keep it natural!"