WISH, WANT, WILL HAVE: what Sian Sutherland, founder of Mio & Mama Mio can't get through the month without

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Last month we spoke to Sian Sutherland(top, middle), co-founder of renowned pregnancy bodycare range, Mama Mio and now the High Intensity range, Mio. She talked us through which six things she can't get through the month without and why...




1. Mio The Activist firming active body oil - if my house was on fire, this is the one skincare product I would run back in to save. It is pure superfood, packed with Omegas, antioxidants and vitamins and my skin just drinks it up, leaving a healthy sheen and glow for the whole day. I also use it as a hair treatment overnight and when my face needs extra moisture, it doubles up as a gorgeous treatment mask. And of course it smells amazing!

2. Mio Workout Wonder invigorating muscle motivating pre and post workout gel - I love to do all kinds of different sports and fitness stuff and this is an instant booster to kickstart my body into action and to help me recover quickly after anything strenuous. I keep a travel size of this in my bag too so I can use it on my neck/shoulders when I have been on my computer for hours - helps remind me to peel my shoulders away from my ears and adjust my posture.

3. Neom Feel Refreshed Travel Candle - I am the master of the mini-break and these beautiful candles help me 'own my space' in slightly dodgy hotel rooms. Love the citrus and basil notes, so clean and somehow it works even better in a warm climate like Greece!

4. My Tennis Racquet - last year I decided to learn a new sport, somehow choosing one of the hardest to learn from scratch as an old dog. But I am persisting, determined to master a proper topspin. Tennis is such a social sport and I love to play in Regent's Park with the morning mist before anyone else is up. So good to be outdoors!

5. Mio Boob Tube + multi-action bust firmer. At 53, I need to take more care of the whole neck and décolletage area and Boob Tube + is my one stop solution to help fight crinkles, sun damage and gravity! I love how Boob Tube + plumps up tired looking skin and helps with neck lines.

6. Seeing the sea - there is something about the sea that lifts me for the whole week. It puts everything into a clear perspective, the vastness of it, the continual movement, how elemental it is. My perfect holiday is always spent on water, but just walking along a windy wintery British beach blows the cobwebs away like nothing else. Of course, followed by a drink in a country pub!