GENTLEMEN'S TONIC: something for the boys ..

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One of the questions our Stylists are most often asked is when we are likely to offer men's grooming products. Guests want to buy skincare for their other halves - don't worry, we get it: it's a crafty way to cover up your own purchases by pre-empting with a special gift for HIM ..:) Well it took a while to find a men's skincare brand that we really loved, but we finally discovered it, and now we want you to: meet Gentlemen's Tonic, a range created by Olivier Bonnefoy. Olivier's reason for creating this brand was to offer men contemporary formulas within a conventional format, so he based the regime on the wet-shave service offered at his shops around the world. We are really thrilled to be able to bring this collection to you - you'll find everything in it your other half needs, Olivier has seen to that!




  • We love the combination of contemporary (but not gimmicky) and traditional. Olivier has achieved the right balance between old fashioned barber's shop credibility and sexy new science.
  • We love the elegant packaging - definite bathroom curb appeal there!
  • The formulas are well thought through: one breakaway advance this range has made is to offer a soothing aftershave cream and moisturiser - far kinder on skin than scented splash, which stings because up to three layers of skin come off with each shave, not because it's toning your skin ..