MAKEUP FOR MATURE FACES: the golden rules

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Just as skincare needs differ quite radically from our early twenties to early forties, so do makeup requirements. Here are a few points to bear in mind with the passing years ..



Avoid dark colours around the eyes.

Avoid pearly shades of eyeshadow as these can accentuate the fine creases around the eyes.

Use products which add a little definition to the face, eyes and lips. For eyes, mascara and eyebrow makeup are a must. For lips, a lipliner is essential and will make lipstick last longer and look better, but it must be the same colour as your lips and give soft definition.

Try using a natural cream blush as opposed to a more colourful powder blush.

Select colours which won't look too harsh: try using brown or blue mascara instead of hard black.

Use products which will create a softer makeup look: try using a soft, blendable eyeshadow pencil instead of precision or liquid eye definer.

Treatment cosmetics can be especially beneficial. Colour balance corrective powders and fluids are a good example of a product which makes the complexion look and feel better.