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You've got the dress and the heels, now you need the legs - neither are complete without a pair of perfect pins. Some targeted exercise and treatment will get them in shape quickly. Try and squeeze these in a few times a week:



  • Skip! One of the best ways to tone your legs and get in a dose of cardio at the same time is to skip. A few minutes skipping everyday helps boost your fitness levels and shape up your legs. It can be hard work, yes, but if you listen to your favourite, upbeat song while you work out and try to skip to the end of it without stopping, you're done.
  • Squat! Squats are brilliant toning exercises for legs. The jumping squat is particularly good. To do a jump squat you simply squat as normal and then when you rise up, lift your leg out to the side until it's about level with your hip and kick out, keeping your leg straight. Then return to the squat position and repeat. Other exercises that only take a few minutes to do and are helpful to leg shape are lunges, leg raises and deadlifts.
  • Scrub! Regular body brushing and exfoliating helps greatly to improve skin tone and softness, and can also help to refine the silhouette. Gentle abrasion with either, in an upwards motion towards your hips, helps move the lymph which in time refines leg shape because it helps to shift trapped fluid that distorts thighs, knees and ankles. Legology Exfo-Lite Stimulating Salts For Legs was made for this purpose: you apply it to dry skin while standing in the shower, then continue to massage it into legs in small circular, upwards movements while you rinse it off. In addition to softening skin, Exfo-Lite contains Himalayan pink salts which have an excellent diuretic benefit, helping to eke out trapped toxins and fluid.
  • Spritz! After each bath or shower, give your legs some Swiss spray therapy by spritzing them with intermittent blasts of warm and cool water. This gets the circulation pumping, which pushes freshly oxygenated blood to the surface of skin, making it feel more toned and vital.

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