THE SUN'S OUT (SORT-OF)! Legs ready to bare?

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It's about to be that major MARMITE MOMENT where LEGS go: you're either someone who can't wait to slip into a short, floaty skirt or dress without tights for a month or so. Or you DREAD the thought of even taking your socks off from under your jeans and revealing a GLIMPSE of the disaster zone underneath. Most of us, frankly, fall into the latter group - it's a daunting prospect showing off flesh which has been buried under layers for months and thus turned into a pasty, often furry, PATCHY SIGHT for sore eyes. So let's get to work.

The good news is it doesn't take long to bring legs round - or back from the dead in my case. You just need a good exfoliator, a body brush, a decent moisturiser and a bit of a bathroom routine. Here's my 3-point plan:




I've said it before, I'll say it again - the best way to improve the look and health of your legs is to stimulate blood and lymph flow. This helps to carry trapped fluid away, reducing puffiness (which can help to prevent cellulite), give the skin a better vitality and tone, and soften it. Invest in a body brush - something with bristles, and use it daily either before a shower or while you're in it, in a heartwards direction like this:

~ sweep the brush over your feet and up your shins to your knees; repeat this, several times, all the way round your calves and up to the backs of your knees.

~ sweep the brush from your knees to your hips, repeating several times.

~ brush your outer thighs in circular movements, do the same over your buttocks.


All those goosepimply bits (thighs, buttocks), dry areas (knees, heels) with a weekly buff. The best exfoliators suspend crunchy bits in a buffering, nourishing base. I've never smelled a body exfoliator like Mitchell and Peach Kentish Cobnut Scrub - it's totally incredible: a resinous smell of violets which is quite unique. The buffing grains, which are crushed cobnuts harvested from the Mitchell family's farm, give good purchase but are not so tough that they leave your skin tenderised. Use it like this before a shower/bath:

~ scoop a dollop out of the pot and rub it all over your feet, concentrating on dry-prone zones like outer soles and heels.

~ rub the exfoliator gently over your calves and shins; when you reach your knees give them a good rub too.

~ massage the exfoliator into your thighs, hips and buttocks. Rinse it all off and pat skin dry with a towel.


Here's where your body lotion comes in: use it daily - after every drying bath/shower, to replenish skin and help keep it supple. Our edit for you? Face Stockholm Body Lotion, Connock Lotion Kukui Oil Hydrating Body Lotion, Mitchell and Peach Body Cream (a more luxurious, rich cream best applied at night for a really deep hydration benefit), and Orba Goat's Milk Skin Soother. If you need a topical which works harder than straight moisturiser - so promises toning or cellulite-treating benefits, we can offer Essential Daily Detox Oil (a real workhorse by massage therapist Kirstie Garrett) and Balance Me Super Toning Body Oil. But you must use these daily, and take time to really massage them into thighs - kneading with your fingers to give skin a fresh pinkness which shows that your circulation is up and receptive to treatment.