LILAC THERAPY: the potency of lavender

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Many pharmacological studies have been done on lavender to isolate its valuable active compounds and demonstrate its physical and psychological bonuses. One analysis published in the Lancet proved that its mild sedative qualities make it a real alternative to sleeping pills; in another, Japanese researchers found that people who had been exposed to its scent for a time were less mentally stressed and more alert than those who had not. Antiseptic and analgesic, lavender has antispasmodic qualities too – it can aid a lazy circulation and ease cramp (it contains coumarins, compounds that dilate blood vessels and help control muscle spasms in the uterus and intestine); it also contains triterpenoids – ganoderic acids also found in reiki mushrooms and thought to lower blood pressure, and is rich in antioxidant (anti-ageing) flavonoids. Even the sight of it, growing in fields, lifts the spirits ..

The best ways to maximise lavender’s restorative effects: * steep a teaspoon of the flowers in a cup of boiling water; sip slowly. * drop pure lavender oil onto a sugar cube and suck it. * drop lavender oil into a hot bath or your night cream application.


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