GUEST BLOG: Jane Scrivner's resolutions, beauty & beyond

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Are you ready for a new year? Have you made your resolutions (beauty or otherwise)? To kick off 2016, and our new guest blogging series, we asked Jane Scrivner, super-facialist, skincare expert and brand founder for her beauty resolutions, new year thoughts and wise words..



I'm completely torn at this time of year as to whether I'm happy about having a whole year ahead or if I'm just finding myself on the treadmill of 'seriously? We have to do this whole thing again?' And looking at the press, media and social media it seems that we should be also trying to discard the self we were in 2015 and finding a brand new version of 'us' in the next 30 days or so (were we ever so bad?) and it’s all quite exhausting!

The glimmer of light is that there also seems to be a skinny thread that is emerging that is simply saying, be the best you can, do the best you can, keep what is good and try to modify what isn't so good – none of us are perfect because we don't actually have a universal perfect – we only have a personal perfect. So I'm plumping for personal perfect – which might not make the grade for some and might be unbelievably fabulous for others – but it's just perfect for me.

I have also started to read a book by Dr Steve Peters entitled The Chimp Paradox which in short (and I haven't finished it yet) seems to be saying that we all have a monkey in our minds that are hell bent on causing trouble – our rational minds says 'I'm going to be healthy this year, I'm not going to obsess about my body image, I'm going to relax more and enjoy my life'’ and our monkey says 'ok, but next week, let's eat cake today' We are encouraged to name our Chimp – I won't tell you what mine is called…. So my rational mind has plans, back off chimp!

I plan to CLEANSE. I plan to look at my food choices and decide which ones are fullest of nutrition. Which choice feeds my body and self (including mood, sleep and emotion) and which one will be useable to my body and not just something that adds to my liver and kidney 'To Do' list. The secret to both healthy bodies and healthy skin is to use full on nutrition from both outside and in.

I plan to CLEANSE my skin. I plan to double cleanse every evening with my Luxurious Cleansing Balm, single cleanse every morning, to nourish with facial oil every day, twice a day and to SUPPLEMENT my skin from within, to cleanse and nourish my skin through my food choices and to take oil supplements or try the new fabulous emerging market of skin supplements – my shopping list with MyShowcase is getting longer as we speak! - so that the skin I am 'growing' is the best it can be. I plan to give myself a full on facial once a week - the whole shebang, double cleanse, exfoliation, deep tissue massage, masque and relaxation, with a fresh berry juice and a supplement chaser.

I plan to re define the word 'TREAT', no, I actually mean to correctly define the word TREAT – it has come to mean the exact opposite, we call cake, crisps, wine, chocolate treats and we call the good stuff the 'I really should's I KNOW that I define bacon and eggs with hot buttered toast a real treat and that oats, yogurt and fruits is the 'healthy option'.

This year I'm re defining. I'm swapping, Oats yogurt and fruit are now my treat, which means I can treat myself EVERYDAY! Hot buttered toast are only feeding my head and not my body & soul (I won't give them up but they will be happening less often). Rye bread toasted with sliced avocado and slivers of peppered tomato will replace sandwiches on the hoof.

All that being said. NOTHING will replace Champagne...for that I follow Coco Chanel's philosophy:

"I only drink champagne on two occasions. When I am in love and when I am not."

And I KNOW that the still as yet un-attributable quote "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" rings true on this, but is it so bad that life just keeps on happening?

Happy 2016, Jane x