MEET THE MAN: they call the Tantalist!

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Two things to know about James Read:

1 He is one of the most positive and energetic people we know - a true entrepreneur who is living and breathing his brand.

2 He is the UK's top self-tanning guru. Actually, he's the world's top tanning guru - we know that because we've seen his list of clients .. James is the best connected tanmeister we know!

Basically ladies, if you want to use self tan there is only one brand to use and it's the one that's been developed by this man and that MyShowcase can now bring you through our Stylists.




Meaning that they all smell like damp dog fur and go streaky? They are not! Well, now that James has come along with his products they're not all the same anyway. James understood the issues we all have with self tan - that is, streakiness and smelliness - because he works with self tan every day, perfect tanning celebrity bodies that are about to be scrutinised in photos and video. He wanted to make the process foolproof for everyone - so easy to apply, developing into a good, realistic colour, and without a telltale smell.


James has created a tan for every occasion and every part of your body. So if you want to just give your face some sunkissed colour you choose one of his facial self tanners, and if you want to tan your body you go for one of the body specific treatments. Each product comes with its own benefits. For example, some of the facial tanners have skin conditioning benefits - like the Sleep Tan Mask and 'BB' products, others can be applied with a brush for ease. Where the body goes, you can choose from tanners that go on as a mousse or a spray, and in clear or instant colour (instant is great because you can see where you are applying the product), or you just choose a gradual tan that develops more gently than self tan - a bit like a body moisturiser with a little tanning pigment in it to lift skin colour. Consider your natural skin tone too: James' self tanners are created for Light and Medium tans, so you can choose which suits your own skin best or how dark you want to go. It's all within your control.


The old rules apply, so exfoliate and moisturise well before you apply the self tans, and allow all of them time to develop before getting dressed. For the body, James has developed a special mitt which you use to buff your skin after the first application. This enables you to achieve the smoothest, most polished finish.