INTRODUCING: THE MYSHOWCASE BEAUTY GENIE, your always-on beauty partner

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It’s time to get excited! THE hottest launch in skincare is here. We are incredibly proud to reveal our newest beauty service; The MyShowcase Beauty Genie.



It's a free, online consultation that gives you the power to personalise your skincare regime and confidently shop from our edit of award-winning brands. No more guessing. Just amazing skin.

We believe that every woman is beautifully different. Often, we’re overwhelmed by beauty; too much choice, too many products, too much information - and our recent survey of over 1,300 women certainly backed this up! Many women are unsure of the products they really need, what they do and how to use them; with 74% saying they want to improve their skincare regime, however only 44% have actually seeked advice. Well... say hello to the MyShowcase Beauty Genie!

Our Beauty Genie is kicking off with Skincare today but get ready for a whole load more beauty expertise, advice and stellar beauty recommendations across our other categories like Wellbeing and Bodycare in the next few months. We hope you love it as much we do.

First and foremost, it's a skincare consultation service

We ask you a few quick questions about your skin and based on your answers, our clever tool works like magic to find you the perfect regime; from your cleanser, toner, moisturiser and eye cream, plus all the extra super-charging skin treatments like masks, exfoliators and supplements. (Yes, we’re talking supplements too they boost from the inside out and they're the hottest trend in beauty right now...and we all know beauty is skin deep).

It's personalised, curated beauty

Because beauty is personal and shouldn't be confusing. We want to simplify shopping the right products for you and streamline your skincare regime into something that really works for you, taking into account any skin concerns, habits and preferences. The Beauty Genie only recommends the products that are truly right for you - it’s completely impartial advice from our 20+ expert skincare brands. This is the way we shop for skincare. In fact it's the ONLY way to shop for skincare.

It matches products to your current skincare needs

Having some of the industry's best therapists, creators and beauty junkies on speed dial meant we had knowledge at our fingertips to build on. We asked all of our skincare brand founders about their award-winning products so that we could curate the most expert, service for you. Take the Skincare Genie now to see how it matches products to your skin, to its needs and to what you want to achieve.


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