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Why bother EXFOLIATING? Because this simple chore makes a huge difference to the LOOK of your BODY: everything looks better - TONE, texture, CLARITY and even areas where you might have a touch of CELLULITE or puffiness from FLUID RETENTION. Regular BUFFING removes the top dead layer of skin cells which DULL the skin and make it look DRY. It also helps skin ABSORB moisturiser more readily and, if you're about to apply self tan, SMOOTH skin makes it go on and develop more EVENLY. You can use a natural bristle body brush or grainy exfoliator to polish skin: choose your weapon!




Grainy exfoliators or body polishes work well to smooth and improve skin but particularly dry prone zones like elbows, heels, upper arms and shins. The best way to use them is to massage them gently into the skin in small, circular motions, before a bath or shower. The best body scrubs offer good abrasion, but their abrasive pigments are suspended in a nourishing base, so the product doesn't over buff or dry out the skin. That's why we love Mitchell and Peach Kentish Cobnut Scrub. The buffing grains are crushed cobnut shells (from cobnuts grown on the Mitchell's Kent farm), and the base is a fabulously moisturising buffer oil scented with violet. It smells out of this world.


Natural bristle body brushes and scrub gloves also exfoliate skin, but their main purpose is to enhance the circulation and thus blood and lymph flow. The best way to use them is to stroke them in upwards movements, from feet to knees, knees to thighs and hands to shoulders. Always work up towards your heart, except on your outer thighs and buttocks where it's best to work in small circular movements. As you get used to the friction you can increase the pressure. You can use body brushes or mitts on dry skin or damp (in the shower). Apply plenty of moisturiser after use.