HOW TO 'DO' WELLBEING: The positive power of oils, salts & scent

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Wellbeing is BIG - it's officially 'having a moment' as one of the fastest growing categories in health & beauty. When our schedules are filled with constant notifications and updates, people are seeking a serious health boost from ancient, natural and holistic remedies. If the stress of daily life is taking its toll, let us guide you through our world of wellbeing, from pocket-sized, potent aromatherapy blends, to deep sleep saviours and health supplements - you'll be feeling back in balance in no time.



On getting those extra Zzzs (and good Zzzs at that)

A third of our lives are spent under the duvet, pjs on, snug as a bug; but how much of that is A-grade, uninterrupted sleep? More and more experts recognise the importance of quality sleep to recharge our bodies and minds, recommending 7-9 hours of sleep a day. As we all know, a good night's kip sets you up for the day and provides the foundation for your energy levels and mood.

For a speedy send-off...

NEOM - Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist £20

Spritzing this fine mist is like casting a slumber spell. A unique blend of 100% natural, 14 pure essential oils, including English lavender and jasmine to help you drift off. Inhale deeply for 7 seconds to unlock it's full potential.

For a bit of bliss...

Beatitude - Peace Bath Oil £25|£40

A true workhorse in the bathroom, this powerful aromatherapy blend calms the mind and comforts the body. Using ylang ylang, mandarin, petitgrain, lavender and cedarwood, Rebecca's Bath Oil creates a true 'spa at home' experience. There's no need for a post-tub clean, as the oil disperses evenly, so it's a straight to bed situation. Even better.

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For prolonged perfection...

Pure Elixir - 02 Smart Age Sleep Supplement £30

For that deep, satisfying, 'MMMM' sleep...say hello to Pure Elixir's BRAND NEW sleep supplement. Specifically formulated to promote a deeper sleep and build the body's resistance to stress, Pure Elixir uses multi-strain probiotics and anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe your nervous system and boost immunity. If you're seeking a sleep that occurs between the hours of "goodnight" & alarm, then we have the answer.

*Currently FREE when you purchase a 3 month subscription of Pure Elixir 01 Smart Age Sleep Supplements. Ends 31 March 2017*

Our quick fix...

Tazeka Aromatherapy - Peaceful Slumber £29.50

Bright blue and just for you. Known as the liquid lullaby, this pure magic blend of bergamot, sandalwood, neroli, lavender and chamomile oils promotes a restful sleep. It's bedtime in a bottle.

Tummy talk with Linda Booth

Taking care of your stomach, skin, liver (and the rest) has never been so easy or quite frankly, so instagrammable. Let's face it, gut health isn't exactly sexy, but expert Linda Booth has created a range of natural supplements, which are easy to digest both physically and mentally. Great digestive health lives at the centre of a healthy immune system, glowing skin and positive wellbeing.

Your probiotic prescription...

Just for Tummies - Live Bacteria £19.95

Essential, these supplements are the most important part of any health plan. They effectively rebuild your gut flora, so that normal digestion can resume. Bloomin' brilliant for anyone who has been on a course of antibiotics, as they can strip your gut, leaving it weak. So go on, help it out!

Designed for digestion...

Just for Tummies - Digestive Enzymes £19.95

For anyone who has dodgy digestion, indigestion, eats whilst they're on the go or is 50+(Linda's words). When we're stressed, run-down or just flat-out fluey our digestive system fails to absorb the essential nutrients in our food. These plant-based pills ensure the nutrients, vitamins and hormones are all in check.

Capsule cleansing...

Just for Tummies - Garlic £14.95

Loved by your heart and your liver, the almighty garlic also supports your gut. A natural antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal - garlic inhibits the growth of unfriendly bacteria and yeast. For those with recurrent yeast infections or skin conditions such as acne, eczema or rosacea, it's a life saver.

For a body boost...

Just for Tummies - Omega 3 £12.95

A household staple, Omega 3 gives every living cell a boost. As a regulator of inflammation in the gut, the fatty acids are key in managing IBS symptoms.

Love your liver...

Just for Tummies - Milk Thistle £12.95

Feeling stodgy? Fear not, Milk Thistle is for those moments of total over-indulgence. Whether that be alcohol or rich, fatty food - skip the guilt trip and get repairing your liver with just one tablet. Ideal for the morning after the night before.

*Currently FREE when you purchase Just for Tummies' Live Bacteria and Digestive Enzymes. Ends 31 March 2017*

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Our mood makers and energy enhancers

When the world outside is buzzing and you just want to switch off - forget the earplugs, our simple solutions are mini but mighty, so they're perfect for on the go. Alternatively if you're looking for a mood fix...we have just the thing.

For the ultimate uplift...

Roques ONeil Therapie - Restore Aura Spray £10

Feel good vibes in a black bottle. Spritz this uplifting frankincense, rose and white sage infused water for the ultimate pick-me-up.

For that extra nudge...

Tazeka Aromatherapy - Roll-on Remedy Confidence £29.50

In a bold red, this sleek bottled blend is yours to motivate & inspire. Roll over your pulse points to absorb the benefits of rosemary, thyme, cypress and lime - then go get 'em!

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Heavenly, healthy skin - from within!

Beauty from within is no fable. A trend that has sky-rocketed in the past couple of years, specific skin supplements are as smart as ever. Discover the difference with your own eyes, these are clinically proven and they aren't messing around.

The fine line eraser...

Pure Elixir - 01 Smart Age Skin Supplement £45

Let's start with the FACT that these are clinically proven to reduce lines and wrinkles by 23% in 8 weeks. They contain high-grade antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients found in your every day food, just encapsulated in a higher concentration. Genius. Transforming your skin from the inside, expect brighter, smoother looking skin. *Adds to basket*

The whole-body healer...

Lumity - Food Supplements £85

Lumity has changed the game in terms of inside out beauty. Take one look at their social media and you'll find yourself in awe of their celebrity following. From Mel C, to Denise Van Outen, Sophie Anderton, Olympian Rebecca Adlington and last but not least...supermodel, Yasmin Le Bon.

Lumity is an all-natural, anti-ageing supplement. Containing a cocktail of amino acids, omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to protect and rejuvenate the body - the key to Lumity's success is the night & day capsules that work in tandem with the body's natural biorythmic cycles.

Lumity works to:

- Improve hormonal balance

- Improve immune resilience

- Reduce PMT symptoms

- Increase energy

- Provide a more rejuvenating sleep

- Improve the quality of skin, hair & nails

If you're looking for a supernatural supplement, you've come to the right place.

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Focus points

From targeted tonics to supporting your skin - our concentrated remedies hit just the right notes.

For man flu and more...

Tazeka Aromatherapy - Roll-on Remedy Breathe Easy £29.50

It's your one stop shop for when you're blocked up, this decongesting dynamo clears your airways and enhances breathing. A reviving menthol blend of eucalyptus, cypress and scotch pine - it's a must for when you're super snotty.

Five star skin support...

Jane Scrivner - Starflower Oil Supplements £25

During the menopause it's bad enough with hormones flying everywhere, let alone your skin starting to suffer too. Starflower is anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. It can improve the health and appearance of skin tissue and works hard to improve texture and suppleness. If it's your hair and nails that are the problem...then don't sweat, it fortifies those too!

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Whether it's a healthy dose of mindfulness you seek or simply a decent sleep, our wellbeing remedies cater for your every need. The smallest of changes, like taking a supplement can have a huge impact on how you feel physically and mentally! 

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