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Hosting couldn't be simpler... just Book. Discover. Enjoy!

Want to know the very best thing about Hosting? Easy, you get your very own MyShowcase Stylist! Your Stylist will give you expert beauty advice, personalised recommendations for you (and your friends) and give you your very own Personal Beauty Shopping Service. Enjoy the ultimate beauty discovery with your closest friends, complete with gorgeous products and beauty must-haves - all in the comfort of your own home. 

You'll find products that are just right for YOU and you'll even get extra-special Host rewards just for shopping with your friends (now that's win-win!). So what rewards could you get your beauty-loving hands on? Well, here you are...

Our Host rewards are new, improved and better than they've ever been before! So we wanted to break it down even more for you - because we think these rewards are worth shouting about! 

Your very own 20% discount at MyShowcase

  • As soon as your Showcase total reaches over £200 (our average Showcase is over £400) you'll also be able to treat yourself to a 20% personal discount at MyShowcase - perfect.

Gift vouchers up to £100! 

  • As well as your 20% discount, we wanted to really go the extra mile to reward our Hosts (that's you!)
  • That's why at certain Showcase milestones, we'll be rewarding you with gift vouchers to say thanks
  • When your Showcase total reaches over £200 you'll receive a £20 gift voucher, over £400 and you'll get yourself £40, over £600 and £60 is coming your way, over £800 you've just earned yourself £80 and finally, when your Showcase hits over £1000 you'll get a £100 voucher!
  • That means you could earn yourself a £100 gift voucher just for shopping with your girlfriends and finding beauty that really matches your needs. 

Exclusive Gifts With Purchase

  • When one guest places an order at your Showcase, you'll gain access to our exclusive Host promotions.
  • This allows our Hosts to unlock access to over £70 worth of FREE product
  • Each month, you'll find brand new (and gorgeous) Gifts With Purchase so there's always a new reason to Host again. 

Free Shipping 

  • As soon as your Showcase reaches £200, you'll unlock free shipping on your order (worth £4.95) 
  • Don't worry, you'll also receive free shipping on any orders above £50. 

Now is the perfect time to Host... 

Our Host rewards have never ever looked so good so why not Host a Showcase today and discover your very own Personal Beauty Shopping Service. 

Host your Showcase today

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