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We are delighted to be able to bring you our first power shop with mega beauty site Get The Gloss. MyShowcase are massive fans of GTG. Edited by seasoned beauty editors Sarah Vine and Susannah Taylor, it's the go-to beauty site for the latest happenings on planet beauty, expert advice, forums and support for your beauty issues. Throughout the month, the editors will be revealing the MyShowcase products they love most on the GTG site, and they're kicking off with a selection of our botanical treasures. Click here to find out which of our fabulous brands they have fallen for  - summarised below ..




1. Aurelia Miracle Cleanser - MyShowcase were thrilled to be able to launch this beautiful skincare brand exclusively earlier this year. Founder Claire Vero has moved mountains with this anti-ageing range, the most exciting to come to the market this year, and we have been thrilled to watch the brand grow in profile. Based on the benefits of botanicals and probiotics, which Claire has adopted as a vehicle for reducing the inflammation which ages skin, Miracle Cleanser is rich and creamy, and if you are looking for a kind new way to cleanse this is the product you should be looking at. GO SHOP!

2. De Mamiel Altitude Oil - from our favourite facial acupuncturist, Annee de Mamiel developed this pioneering product to enhance the immune system. It's a powerful blend of antibiotic, anti-viral and antiseptic essential oils and it works brilliantly to keep colds and infections at a distance. A real one-off, this is the secret to healthy travelling, whether you're doing a long haul to LA on a plane or a daily commute on the circle line. GO SHOP!

3. Connock London Hydrating Body Lotion - one of our founding brands, Amanda Connock's gorgeous bath and body collection is based on the super skin conditioning benefits of kukui nut oil. She imports it from a family company in Hawaii, who she spent summer holidays with as a child. This beautiful moisturiser has a melting texture and a subtle scent; it was made for keeping parched skin quenched through the winter. GO SHOP!

4. Mitchell and Peach Kentish Cobnut Scrub - if you haven't yet tried this body scrub we urge you to try it. You won't look back. Conditioning, softening and scented with violet, it's an incredibly addictive treatment - something which, once discovered, is never forgotten. Naturally it's made with crushed cobnut shells harvested on the Mitchell's farm in Kent. We love that. GO SHOP!

5. Antonia Burrell Forest Dew Skin Tonic - from a practising facialist with a dedicated client list, this serum-textured tonic is formulated to improve skin texture, control inflammation and redness. It's one of those miracle products which could only have been created by someone who really knows their onions when it comes to skin. We're not surprised the GTG editors love it. GO SHOP!

6. Balm Balm Rose Geranium Lip Balm - where would we be without Balm Balm and the irrepressible Glenda, brand founder? We absolutely love this brand for its integrity and transparency: what you see is what you get - an organic offering created with a lot of passion. This little gem is the perfect size for a handbag; but we think you should also keep one in your coat pocket and the glove compartment of your car. GO SHOP!