GLOSS ADDICT: Polish Your Smile!

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Love lipgloss? Ever since the lip-colour market was transformed by Lancôme's Juicy Tubes we haven't been able to get enough of gloss - the tubes, the pots, the twist-up sticks and the wands - like candy to the eye. The great thing about gloss is that, being more transparent than lipstick, it's easier to wear but can still be as impactful as lipstick when you get the colour and finish right. As a rule of thumb, glosses dispensed from a wand tend to have heavier pigment than those that come from a tube; the twist-up sticks give the most subtle colour effects; and pots often give the glossiest finish.




Don't use a lip pencil that contrasts with your gloss - it's been unfashionable since the 1980's and it almost always looks severe and gives a set, contrived appearance to the mouth - it's especially unforgiving on an older face.

Make gloss last longer by applying it with a brush or a fingertip. A brush gives more accuracy and the tip of a finger helps push pigment into the lip which encourages it to stay on longer. It also gives the lip a soft, natural colour effect. Blot gloss with a tissue after the first application then apply another layer.

Prime the lip with a corresponding lip pencil: this can make lipgloss look a little darker but it works very well to keep it stable and stop it bleeding into fine lines around your mouth. Apply lip pencil all over the lip, not just around the edges.

Be daring with your colours: because lipgloss contains less pigment than lipstick it's more transparent and so easier to wear darker and brighter shades. This summer the trend is for neon pinks and oranges. Give them a go - you'll be surprised at how easy they are to wear and how uplifting they are for your face.

The shine finish gloss imparts creates the illusion of volume - in other words it makes the lip look fuller.

Mix your glosses - not just together but use a darker shade in the centre of your lip to further enhance fullness.


Face Stockholm Pot Gloss in shades Amusing and Unique.

New CID I-Gloss Light Up Gloss with Mirror in shades Coral Candy, Raspberry Kiss and Tickled Pink.

T Leclerc Lip Gloss in Rouge Cerise and Rose Baby Doll.