FINDING BEAUTY: Me, Mom & Makeup

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When thinking about who out of brand partners could blog next in our recently launched guest blog series, and in the run up to Mother's Day, it didn't take us long to decide on the ultimate mother-daughter duo behind Face Stockholm. Founder Gun Nowak launched the colour cosmetic range in 1982 after being disappointed in the neutral beauty trends of the time and made her mark with bright, bold makeup. Skip to present day and Gun now runs the 100-store strong brand from New York City with her daughter, Martina. We asked Martina, now President of FACE Stockholm what it's really like working with your Mum and what they've learnt from each other..



As a mother-daughter brand that has remained independent for over 30 years now, we are often asked what it's like working alongside a family member and mom and I can honestly say that is our strength. We know each other so well and that insight, that intimate knowledge I think is an advantage. We inspire each other and we keep each other in check. I can tell mom to take a chill pill and she gets it, she knows it comes from a place of good intention, so she'll laugh and take a moment. From the time I was a child, her entrepreneurial spirit has been a motivation, guiding me both personally and professionally to trust my instincts, pursue my passion and always maintain a sense of humor.

Plus, we share a passion for color and design, as well as our values and goals for the brand. Our bond as mother and daughter only strengthen that, there is inherent honesty and trust; we have an incomparable commitment to each other and to the work we share, which is also closely tied to our common Swedish heritage-we speak the same language both literally and figuratively. We know where we come from; we know whom we are and wherever we’re going we'll find our way together.

Yes, FACE Stockholm is definitely about gorgeous colour for lips and tips, lids and lashes, it's about style, glamour, trends, it's pure and simple fun, but it is also about more than makeup. In part, I think that is because the business mirrors the give and take of our relationship, it's really a full lifestyle concept so it's also about meaningful interactions, learning and teaching, whether it's mother and daughter or makeup artist and customer, we're discovering and uncovering who we really are.

Of course there are times when we disagree, but we know how to work through that too, we have after all been doing it since I learned to talk, so you might say we're well practiced! Still, the bottom line is, we feel truly blessed-it is so good to love what you do and do it with those you love-that is where we find beauty.

Martina X

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