SKIN DEEP: 3 ways to rejuvenate your face with your fingers

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Some face creams and cosmetics work wonders on our faces, making them look younger, more vibrant and fresh. But the application of these miracles is as important as the formulas - the way you apply product really impacts on its finish. A cleanser, for example, will leave skin feeling fresh and clean, and looking brighter. But if you apply it properly, taking time to massage it into your skin, the results will be even better because of the way you enhance your circulation, sending fresh, oxygenated blood to the surface of your face. It's the same deal with moisturiser and primer: apply both to a just-cleansed, warm complexion and they will seal that warmth and pinkness in, making your face look rosier, younger and tighter immediately ..




1. Get tapping: using your fingertips to gently tap your face - taking time to cover the whole of your face - enhances circulation and gives your complexion a fresh pinkness.

2. Push ups: firmly push back along your jawline from your chin with your fingertips, repeating 15 times. This helps to clear lymph, reducing any puffiness (sometimes an issue in the morning) and defining the jawline.

3. Trace time: use your index finger to gently 'wipe' in a stroke from the inner corners of your eyes outwards. This is another great way to clear lymph and reduce puffiness, especially in the morning. Repeat up to 20 times then dot an eye cream or gel onto your upper cheekbones.