BRUSH UP: 3 new eyeshadow skills

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After years in the wilderness, eyeshadow - proper layer-it-on colour - is getting a renaissance. Most of us have tried the smokey eye - a failsafe look for those who want to experiment with eye makeup without it ever looking like it's gone wrong (the whole point of a smokey eye is that it's a bit smudged). But what about trying the metallic, or a bright blue - or even pink and red? The sky is the limit and we're going to see a rainbow of colours in next season's new makeup palettes, so get ready with the brush and pencil ladies ..




1. Don't give eyeshadow a miss because it's easy not to bother: grab an eyeshadow pencil like New CID i-Smoulder Smokey Eye Pencil & Shadow and in a couple of quick strokes you've shadowed your lid. Keep the colour close to your upper lash-line and gently blend it into the socket with a fingertip.

2. Shape for size - yes, eyeshadow really can make your eyes look bigger. Apply an iridescent shade to your browbone, nowhere else, and watch how it opens your eyes. Tracing the inside lower lash-line with a flesh or white pencil will make them look even bigger and brighter. Use New CID i-Open Double Ended Eyeliner & Concealer.

3. Do the flick - using the applicator pad, apply eyeshadow to the outside corners of your eyes, halfway along the top and bottom lash-line, then add a little upward flick at the outer corners.