EYE TREAT: 3 steps to younger eyes

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They're our most expressive feature - the thing that many notice first about us, yet our eyes are also the part of us which tends to age fastest. Why? Because the skin around eyes is incredibly fine - it's 0.5mm thick as opposed to 2.5mm thick over the rest of your body. That's why dark circles appear: dark blood vessels show through the thin, transparent skin (remember that next time you read about a product that promises to 'get rid of' dark undereye circles ..). Your eyes are always moving too - blinking hundreds of times a day, looking this way and that; you scrunch them up in the sunlight; and there is lymph around them which can make the area puffy if you are congested. Happily, there are ways to preserve the skin and make the area look more youthful ..




1. Protect the skin: wear sunglasses - good wraparound ones which defend your entire eye area.

2. Nourish the skin: with a light cream or gel. MyShowcase bring you Balance Me Extra Care Wonder Eye Cream. Tap it gently over upper cheekbones and browbones, not onto lids.

3. Enhance the skin: with a very light, slightly iridescent camouflage cream. MyShowcase sells Face Stockholm Magic Wand, which comes in four shades. Use it sparingly to brighten the area beneath your eyes and diffuse dark circles.